Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

What are you like when it comes to talking to strangers?
Can you get them talking to you, easily, and in short time?
Hows about across the spectrum of life? Can you talk at ease with:-
The uneducated and the intelligentsia, the young and elderly, the poor, rich, rough and the posh.

What persona do you use with a stranger?
Authoritative, intimidating, friendly, neutral, whiny, helpful, or guarded.

OK a bit of a silly one you may say because it all depends on what’s going on YET adopting the correct “tone and manner” can make or break a negotiation even down to saving your life.

It’s going to be so very important when the world collapses to be able to communicate verbally and at close range so you’d better be good at it as well as understanding the other persons body language (aka non verbal communication) and the importance of yours.

THIS IS A VITAL SKILL because the way both of you listen, look, move, and react tells the other person whether or not you or they are being honest, sly or dangerous, tired, hungry, ill, or in pain.

Get your body language and words right and your words will make a bigger impact and be more believable as the truth.

Get it wrong and the mismatch of words to your body language will reveal your true feelings and possible danger to the recipient in less time than it takes you NOT to blink.

In that respect all it takes in some cases is the wrong eye movement.
A hard to control thing is the eye and it’s totally correct to say the eyes are the pathway to the soul i.e. they can’t easily lie.


He Blinked Funny!

Time to do something different from polishing your ammo or feeding your hamster folks.

You can take classes in understanding body language or better still attend a conflict management course . There you will learn how to defuse a tense situation and learn to understand the body language of the combatant, stressed, angry, or just plain scared.

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3 Responses to Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

  1. shtfprepper says:

    One of the books that I’ve read and continue to skim through over time.

  2. I taught ‘body language, reading and influencing’ at a college as part of a bigger course on the media industry (believe it or not)… and it was fascinating to learn that some (myself included) were naturally good at reading micro facial expressions and small gestures while some were oblivious even after being shown, over and over. One of the problems I have is that I have a very short temper, and I am paranoid (cptsd) and when I am in an elevated state like that – I stop giving a shit. But… I am working on it. My family unconsciously folds their arms and take a step back even if they are not close to me – and all I have done is walk into the room. Its a very interesting topic.

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