Run for the hills (Part Two)

An interesting comment was made which contained the statement:-
“We may have to leave if too many of the inner city people head out our way.”

refugeesWhat we are talking about is when the dispossessed (possibly dying or contaminated) mass of inner city people flood into your location. A location where you are already sheltering, hopefully in a bunkered position that is well stocked.

I would tend to hold off the thoughts of evacuation at that stage simply because what hazards will you be traveling in (CBRN or bad weather), where are you going to go to, and what are you going to go back to if you can ever return?

By the time you decide there are too many refugees, the roads will probably be hopelessly blocked, the damage from the mass ingress of numbers completed i.e. the local infra structure (shops, fuel, medical, and LEO’s) would have been swamped and stripped.

Any infections, sickness, or contamination will already be in the neighborhood, and any CBRN there was may be at the end of working it’s magic i.e. people may be dying.

There again you leaving into a hostile CBRN or foul weather environment from your cosy cellar (or whatever) doesn’t exactly help your survival chances does it?

To leave effectively and cleanly would need you to move at the same time as they started which could be into a worse survivable situation. After all you may be moving into an unknown situation because of lack of central communications i.e. EBS, TV, Radio.

All you are actually doing is making yourself a refugee and another potential victim.

There are thoughts about having to fight off armed refugees and roving gangs and all that is true but hey, if they are contaminated, time will sort them out and you’ve got walls, firearms, and a good trigger finger for the persistent sods. OK, not a perfect plan but I live with the knowledge that people will do anything to survive AS WOULD YOU.

Having said that, I wouldn’t be particularly worried about the masses, I’d be more worried about the AUTHORITIES who may attempt to forcibly billet survivors within your home.

After all that’s going to be one of their aims and control methods and SOD WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT.

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