Ukraine (Again and yet again)

Why did everyone think the guns would go quiet according to signed papers of Minsk?

It was never going to happen and small arms fire and “little stuff” is still flying through the air in a few areas.

So today Merkel and her sanctions kicked in.
The BBC reported An EU official said the latest sanctions were intended to punish the Russian-backed rebels for a rocket attack on Mariupol last month which killed more than 30 civilians.

“The sanctions were meant to come into force last week, but they were postponed because the EU didn’t want to interfere with the Minsk talks. But they always intended to implement these sanctions, and today, they have,” the official said.

RT.comRussia’s representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, told journalists that further extension of sanctions would not promote accomplishment of the Minsk agreements on the Ukrainian crisis.

“This will not only give a signal to Russian public opinion and force Russia to return to our own sanctions list, but will dissuade both sides of the conflict from the active implementation of the provisions of the Minsk documents,” Chizhov said.

What a surprise.
Peace talk with threats afterwards from Germany, applied today but only to Russia for failings by both sides one of which is an irregular force. The next move will probably be the US arming the Ukraine.

After that I shudder to think what will happen with only 33 days to Spring.

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