Something or Nothing?

Mayan DisasterYou want to know the funny thing about
“The end of the world as we know it” (TEOTWAWKI)?

Unless everything is burnt to ashes or contaminated to hell, the world and it’s contents will still be there and the resourceful will probably survive.

So why aren’t the “professional” prepper, survival, and survivalist guru’s teaching you how to scavenge for what you need?

Do they have moral, legal, religious, or ethical hangups about teaching you how to take what you need to survive?

Or maybe it’s because they only want you to buy their latest “must have”, that one piece of equipment that they say will probably save your life?

Or is it that they just don’t know how as it’s not covered in

thinkingThink about that one for a moment…. . . . .

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4 Responses to Something or Nothing?

  1. shtfprepper says:

    (Overheard @ a meeting of professional prepper/survivalist writer’s conference) “You MUST live off the land. Learn to decontaminate in the wild. Go primitive.” **OR** (Overheard @ a meeting of those who will be smart enough to use up the already-available stock of what they need to survive) ” Break into that warehouse, home, apartment, medical facility, factory and grab what is salvageable. ” As always, Keep It Simple, Stupid!

  2. equippedcat says:

    A prepper won’t teach it because it seems to be the opposite of the very definition of “prepper”. Can you imagine the response if they told someone “Ok, first go out and buy all this stuff, then we will teach you how to get it “free”?

    No one else will teach it because either they don’t know it, or because there is no money in teaching it, or both.

    And isn’t that actually a good thing (for those who do know it, anyway)? Keep in mind, that in many scenarios which don’t have an immediate die-off, the people who have done nothing will riot and use/destroy much of the stuff in at least the urban areas. There will be stuff in rural areas, but not nearly as much. Isn’t it better that the number of people who plan to scavenge AND know how to is not increasing rapidly?

    • There is a term we used to use in repair world, “SELFISH DATA”.
      That’s when someone knows what to do yet won’t share with others.
      Them who do that IMHO are just plain ignorant.
      They also lose the respect of their peers and that’s important because the first time they ask for help from another their ignorance often finds a closed door.
      Do unto others as they did to you sort of thing.

      It’s survival and something I talk about.
      It’s something that causes a few wide eyes as it’s not usual prepper fare.
      Or is it?

      To introduce scavenging, adapting, improvising, and “active problem solving” into a preppers repertoire is vital.
      Of course some who don’t like it or even get it. Fine by me.
      Giving talks about it over the years that’s amounted to only four souls.
      “It’s stealing, looting, criminal, and immoral”.
      I’ve heard all sorts of comments about that strategy YET all I’ve quietly asked is-

      “What is the limit of what you would do to ensure the survival of your family”

      After some blustering most replied “There was no limits, they would do anything”.
      Funny isn’t it when you cut through the B.S. there is no other reply for the genuine survivor.

      As for numbers?
      I’ve just looked it up for my 20 mile (ish) area and it has a population of 220,000 souls.
      Lets kill off 80% thus leaving 44,000 souls. Sounds a lot doesn’t it.

      How many preppers and survival trained people would that include?
      Half a dozen maybe. How many of them may actually survive?

      Now lose electricity.
      If that happens people will lose access to money, fuel, and heat.
      The supply chain and infrastructure will break down almost immediately.
      All this you know.
      Statistically proven most people stay within their comfort zone i.e. their ‘hood’ and await “help”.
      Especially large township / city dwellers.
      Besides on foot how many of those would walk further than an hour away from their home in search of supplies?
      Not many, especially in a large town or city.

      When people do move they statistically move en-mass towards another center of population.
      Only a few “head for the hills” and only a few of them would have trained for that and unfortunately only a few of them will survive.

      So how many actively seek scavenging training?
      1 to 2 a year tops.
      How many would then go away and PRACTICE scavenging?
      Experience has shown only the odd soul.

      Yes there is an economic price for the traders.
      Yes there is the selfish data element.
      Yes there is the rule of law, religious element.

      On the other hand there’s me asking quietly-
      “What is the limit of what you would do to ensure the survival of your family”

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