Posh Boy Cameron Speaks

davidthumbUK’s prime minister David Cameron has spoken.
Everybody shiver at the power of his utterance.
“In Ukraine, one country is effectively challenging the territorial integrity of another country because those Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine are using Russian rocket launchers, Russian tanks and Russian artillery. You cannot buy this equipment on eBay. It comes from Russia. We have to be very firm it will have economic and financial consequences for many years to come if you do not desist.”

Where is your definitive proof Dear David?
Where has your Intel come from?
Did the US Administration approve of what you said before hand?
Or did they write your script again?

Additionally Dear David,
The level of your knowledge about the web is only surpassed by Your unimportance in Europe. You can buy anything through the web, sometimes from “government approved contractors”.

As for your sanctions,  it’s your stock answer to everything isn’t it only it’s driving the developing world (BRICS and friends) ever faster into a split away from the Euro, Dollar, and thus the GBP. Or has that not that occurred to you?

So Dear David, redeem yourself, when does NATO go in?
You’ve got to know by now.
Surely your “special” US pal has told you.

There’s 31 Days To Spring?
The war mongers ideal date for starting a world war.
Am I close?

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