Upping the Ante

(Reuters)British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said Russian President Vladimir Putin poses a “real and present danger” to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on Thursday and said NATO is getting ready to repel any possible aggression.

Oh look, a veiled threat!

Good isn’t it (not).
Yesterday the ‘posh boy’ UK Prime minister child shoots his mouth off and now it’s the turn of the Defence Secretary. Funny I can’t find any history of military service for him. How very unusual (not). Someone with apparently no military experience in charge of the military.
fallonRussia’s response?(Reuters)
The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that comments by British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon that Russia posed a threat to Baltic countries went beyond “diplomatic ethics”.

Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, speaking at a weekly briefing with journalists, said Russia would find a way to respond to the comment.

Only 30 days to go before Spring.
I wonder, will it get sunny soon?

Knowing that serving in the armed forces is important to some of you, I found this list of who actually had military service who are or have been MP’s. It may not be completely up to date as a heck of a lot of MP’s defected to UKIP and some have just “faded away”.

  • John Baron (Conservative) – Captain Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1984-87
  • Richard Benyon (Conservative) – Army 1980-85
  • Crispin Blunt (Conservative) – Army Officer 1979-90; Regimental duty 13th/18th Royal Hussars (QMO) in England, Germany and Cyprus
  • Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith (Conservative) – Commissioned, Scots Guards 1975 left army 1981. Me and many others would love to know the real reason.
  • James Gray (Conservative) – Honourable Artillery Company (TA) 1978-84; Member, HAC Court of Assistants 2002-
  • Adam Holloway (Conservative) – Commissioned, Grenadier Guards 1987-92
  • Eric Joyce (Labour) – Private, Black Watch Regiment 1978-81;Officer 1987-99
  • Alan Keen (Labour/Co-operative) – Army service (3 years)
  • Mark Lancaster (Conservative) – Officer Royal Engineers 1988-90;Major Royal Engineers (TA) 1990-
  • Rt Hon Michael Mates (Conservative) – Army service 1954-74:RAC 1961, Major 1967, Lieutenant-Colonel 1973, Resigned commission 1974
  • Patrick Mercer (Conservative) – Sherwood Foresters 1975-1999
  • Andrew Mitchell (Conservative) – UN Peacekeeping Forces Cyprus: 1st Royal Tank Regiment (SSLC)
  • Mike Penning (Conservative) – Soldier, Grenadier Guards 1974-80;RAMC 1980-81
  • Andrew Robathan (Conservative) – Regular Army Officer, Coldstream Guards and SAS 1974-89;Rejoined Army for Gulf War January-April 1991
  • Hugh Robertson (Conservative) – Army officer The Life Guards, serving in Northern Ireland, Gulf War and Bosnia 1985-95
  • Hon Nicholas Soames (Conservative) – Lieutenant, 11th Hussars 1967-72
  • Sir Peter Tapsell (Conservative) – Subaltern Army national service in Middle East 1948-50;Royal Sussex Regiment
  • David Tredinnick (Conservative) – 2nd Lieutenant Grenadier Guards 1968-71
  • Ben Wallace (Conservative) – Army officer, Scots Guards 1990-98:Service in Northern Ireland, Central America, Cyprus, Germany; Intelligence 1994-95
  • Sir Nicholas Winterton (Conservative) – Commissioned army national service 14th/20th King’s Hussars 1957-59
  • Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson (Democratic Unionist Party) – Ulster Defence Regiment 1980-85

Territorial Army

  • Tony Baldry (Conservative) – TA Officer 1971-83; Honorary Colonel RLC(TA)
  • Gregory Barker (Conservative) – TA (HAC)
  • Julian Brazier, TD (Conservative) – TA 1972-82, 1989-92
    Derek Conway(Conservative) – Territorial Decoration (Territorial Army)
  • Mark Francois (Conservative) – TA 1983-89, commissioned 1985
  • Dominic Grieve (Conservative) – Territorial Army 1981-83
  • Philip Hollobone (Conservative) – Soldier and paratrooper, Territorial Army 1987-95
  • Ian Liddell-Grainger (Conservative) – Major Fusiliers TA
  • Andrew Selous (Conservative) – TA officer Honourable Artillery Company, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1981-94
  • Keith Simpson (Conservative) – Honorary Colonel Royal Military Police T.A.
  • Desmond Swayne (Conservative) – Major, Territorial Army; also called up to Gulf War II (Major in TA) (June 2003)
  • Peter Viggers (Conservative) – National service RAF pilot 1956-58;Territorial Army Officer 1962-67

Royal Air Force

  • Joe Benton (Labour) – RAF national service 1955-57
  • Colin Challen (Labour) – RAF 1971-74
  • John Smith (Labour) – RAF 1967-71
  • Dr Bob Spink (Conservative)- RAF 1964-66 (invalided)
  • Dr Richard Taylor (Independent) – Medical officer RAF 1961-64
  • Peter Viggers (Conservative) – National service RAF pilot 1956-58;Territorial Army Officer 1962-67
  • Robert Wareing (Labour) – RAF 1948-50
  • Ben Chapman (Labour) – Pilot Officer, RAFVR 1959-61
  • Gerald Howarth (Conservative) – Commissioned RAFVR 1968
  • Tim Yeo (Conservative) – Cambridge University Air Squadron 1964-67

Royal Navy

  • Dr Andrew Murrison (Conservative) – Surgeon Commander Royal Navy 1981-2000; called up as Royal Navy Reservist (Medic) to Gulf War II in September 2003.
  • Richard Ottaway (Conservative) – Royal Navy Officer 1961-70
  • Dr Julian Lewis (Conservative) – Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve 1979-82
  • Dr Andrew Murrison (Conservative) – Surgeon Commander Royal Navy 1981-2000; called up as Royal Navy Reservist (Medic) to Gulf War II in September 2003.

With all that talent, you would have thought they would have found a Defense secretary who actually knew one end of a weapon from the other.

Let alone a Prime Minister.

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