I’m getting old

Although SWMBO would probably say “Getting old? Hell Dear you are old!”

Reading another excellent article from preppernextdoor’s blog entitled “The Aging Urban Prepper“, sort of got me thinking.

Always a good thing!

It also reinforced my decision in following a more “shelter in place” philosophy than a “run for the hills” approach.

With that in mind I wrote as a comment:-
It’s always been my contention that growing older means you have to think more about what you ARE DOING (and more importantly) what you physically CAN DO to survive.

It’s like the mantra of “do more PT”.
Fine, away they go except now my daily distance has dropped dramatically from the marathons of youth to 4 miles tops, and that’s walking with a only 12 kg pack!

Except do I need to be able to run up hills anymore?
It’s simple for me, I CAN’T so prepping now has taken on a more focused Intel based process and transit decisions are taken BEFORE the main event, not during.

Will I get caught out? I might.
Yet sheltering in place is firmly on the list as opposed to running for the hills..

My whole focus has changed to a scavenging and self defense role.
Funny how less mobile you get the more you think about fighting off aggressors.

Scavenging is my goal obtaining what I need in the local area thus I won’t be using a more physical side to surviving more living by my smarts not brawn.
Again Intel is God for this role. After all it’s no good going out to scavenge if you don’t come back with the goods or just lose your life.

So how about you, the family man, or the older prepping / survivalist?
If you are still “full of life and vigor”, this probably won’t matter to you EXCEPT we all get old so is using your smarts more appropriate now rather than later?

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7 Responses to I’m getting old

  1. shtfprepper says:

    “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” – General Douglas MacArthur /// I’m on the decline due to ravages of a couple of incurable lovely diseases, but I’m not going to stop until I can’t move any longer. Or as another quote says ” Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” And I think I’ve mentioned that same quote from Dylan Thomas within the last year on your blog.

    • I remember that well, but I still have illusions that “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because I’m the meanest sucker you’ll ever meet!” (SWMBO laughs aloud again)

  2. jlm990 says:

    Yes, I too feel the effects of the aging process. I am keenly aware that I cannot hump the same rucksack weight that I did as a twenty year old in Vietnam. However, I refuse to quit. I work out, hump my bug out bag, and guarantee one hell of a fight to anyone that requires it. Last year I had a serious case of pneumonia that wouldn’t go away and resulted in a heart condition. My doctor told me in hospital that I would probably need implants, transplants ect. I told him to stuff it and hide and watch. Three months later he was declaring me a miracle cure and couldn’t explain why I was recovered. I told him it was simple: I simply refuse to be sick.Refusing to get old is a little more difficult though, but I am working on it!

  3. I am doing all I can. Finally starting to be able to tolerate exercise again.

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