February Shopping

The more we have to struggle the more frugal we get.
Today was an interesting food shopping experience.
A weeks worth of basic foodstuff for the 2½ of us was £12 ($18 / €16) and that included our fur producing, coffee nicking, mutt’s food.

Coffee nicking?
If it’s made with milk, every time, and it’s always MINE!

Thus for February our average weekly food and household items bill was only £24.56 ($38 / €33) and that includes a little bit of emergency stores restocking.

Over the 4 week month that’s just under £100 ($154 / €136).
Were we pleased about that?
graphics-dancing-303614So we splurged and lunch today was steak pasty, baked beans, and fluffy mashed potato. Way we figured it, we deserved a treat!


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  1. Wow! I would never tell people what we spend on food. You’d faint. 😉

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