Nanny UK – EU State

Went shopping today looking for a top up of my first aid and survival kit chemicals and meds. Only I’ve hit a whole raft of EU & UK banned items. Now you would have thought I’d be wanting to make things that go boom the reaction I got from some. Except I don’t. Survival and health are my goals NOT terrorism.

The “look for” list consisted of:-

  1. Potassium permanganate
    UK BAN but can get it on eBay

    (Antiseptic, water purifier, fire starter, anti fungal agent)
    I love this stuff!
  2. Tincture Of Iodine 8%
    Got it after an argument as apparently it’s restricted
    (Medical, water purification, Radiac Thyroid protection)
  3. Sodium Chlorate aka weedkiller

    (Fire starter) Shucks, my favorite fire starter!
  4. Potassium nitrate powder aka stump killer
    No problem

    (Fire Starter)
  5. Potassium chlorate aka sore throat lozenges
    No problem

    (Fire starter, antiseptic)
  6. Ammonium nitrate aka fertilizer
    UK BANNED although will find some in a gardening shop

    (Fire starter) Note this is the primary ingredient for ANFO.
    A low yield boom mixture.
  7. Hydrogen Peroxide
    UK RESTRICTED, obtainable in strength from hairdressers
    (water purification, antiseptic, wound cleansing)
  8. Sodium Nitrate
    UK RESTRICTED but can get it on eBay or mail order)
    (Fire starter, Meat preserver)
  9. No sodium salt.
    No problem

    (90% potassium chloride which with a bit of kitchen chemistry becomes a good fire starter).
  10. Glycerin
    (Catalyst and for meds)
    No problem
  11. Battery acid
    A work in progress
  12. Magnesium Tape
    (Pure instant heat)
    A work in progress

Why look for so many?
That’s simple. It’s a case of they aren’t all easily obtainable in the UK so you need to  get “creative” (or belligerent) to source what you need.

The ultimate goal?
All powders I obtain will be put into 2″ long color coded plastic straws sealed with wax to assist with fire lighting and first aid . The fluids go in eye dropper bottles as a little goes a long way.

Now I know a lot of stuff (if not all of it) could be sourced through EBay but that doesn’t help when the world’s electronics have gone pop. So that’s why I went looking!

Next list will be antibiotics.
Yet another UK hurdle to struggle round.

You people who live outside the EU/UK silliness are soooo lucky.

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One Response to Nanny UK – EU State

  1. equippedcat says:

    I think you’ll find silliness worldwide. I tried to get an oxygen tank filled in the U.S. Nope, need a prescription. For oxygen. You know, the stuff which is (hopefully) in every breath you take.

    Imagine the following scene at the doctor trying to get a prescription (it’s true, I swear).
    “Oxygen? But its not medically indicated”
    “Nothing in a First Aid kit is medically indicated – until it is”.
    “But it’s so expensive”.
    “Expensive? $15”
    “Yes, but you need a tank and a regulator and other stuff.”
    “I’ve already got all that”
    “You’re insane” he muttered as he filled out the prescription, leading to perhaps my greatest line in life:
    “Insanity is being unable to afford your eccentricities”

    For drugs, check out veterinarian suppliers

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