More Foreign Troops for the Ukraine

Following up on NATO in the Ukraine and Minsk 2?
I wonder, was it written in a language the West and in particular NATO just couldn’t understand?

After all Reuters has reported this:- Poland.
“The defense ministry intends to send Polish instructors to support the training of Ukrainian non-commissioned officers,” Defense Ministry adviser Boguslaw Pacek told Reuters.

So that’s going to be THREE sets of foreign troops in the Ukraine from March, Spring time, the first day of which I’m watching intently.

All under the same flag:-nato

Just a reminder.
Point 10 of the 13 point Minsk 2 agreement that states:-
All foreign troops, heavy weapons and mercenaries are to be withdrawn from Ukraine.

Talk about poking the bear.
This is also a HUGE snub at what France and Germany worked so hard to achieve in Minsk 2. I also wonder what will Putin (let alone Russia) be thinking on reading this in their newspapers?

Only 23 days to Spring.

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