To the keen Observer

The header picture has changed and thus my focus is going to be following the quote:-

“You wanna know a funny thing about the end of the world?
“The world is still there afterwards”.

myworldThe quote actually comes from a short amateur 2012 YouTube film entitled “Survival” and it kinda sums up my thinking.

Regular readers of my scribbles know I’m a fan of scavenging, dumpster diving, and using what is around me. That’s got to be the junkyard engineer side of me.


So I’m totally ditching the bush-craft fraternity, rubbing sticks together, the build a shopping mall out of a couple of cotton bud’s like Mac Gyver, or even look at waging war like Rambo (although I’d love access to firepower again).

Bear in mind we already think in terms of using existing secure shelter, ways to generate heat, obtaining fuel, making water safe to drink, sourcing and cooking food, personal hygiene, life-sustaining meds, self-defense, the currency of barter, communications, and transport.

It’s not going to be totally urban based thinking though as we used to live in the countryside (deepest darkest Lincolnshire) and know a thing or two about off grid living BUT even there we were aware of what was on offer in the surrounding area for the “practical opportunist”. Utilities, fuel, food stuff, etc.

We still forage for forest fruit and veg and hunting for our much-loved rabbit plus nabbing anything else edible that is stupid enough to get caught. So, trapping remains part of our “repertoire.”

sleepingboatAdd to that our experiences of living under canvas and now a boat, all that has focused our minds on the basics of life and a fuller appreciation about what’s important to us and more importantly what’s not!

This should be a bit of fun and a good chance to sort out my scribbles into some sort of more focused order.

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One Response to To the keen Observer

  1. jlm990 says:

    Survivalism is a multi faceted concept. I think you are focusing on an area that has actually been much neglected. You are right that everything that exists now will still exist even in TEOTWAWKI and learning how to use it all, even in altered states, will be valuable. Looking forward to your posts.

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