A quick note prior to more 10-7

Thanks for the emails / comment.
Nothing is wrong apart from I’m going flat-out reviewing my planning for conflict, a financial crash, and loss of utilities because of the deteriorating situation in Europe and in particular the Ukraine.

talkingheadDespite what the politicians are claiming about the strength of the UK’s economic stability and its physical defense capabilities, it is extremely vulnerable to Europe’s current “little problems”.

Diplomacy is being overridden by NATO, and throughout Europe some member states are exhibiting loss of ‘stability’.

With the lack of trading, employment, immigration, and the state of the Euro across the European member states (especially with the forthcoming insane QE policy), financial collapse could occur.

The NATO/US issue is threatening Europe’s physical if not financial security.
BRICS burgeoning status if not birth, threatens global financial stability.
Add the forthcoming fiasco The UK’s general election in May? I’m feeling a tad unsettled.

The Big Clock
Is Now Reading

So the real question should be
How safe do you feel today?

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3 Responses to A quick note prior to more 10-7

  1. shtfprepper says:

    head down, ears up

  2. If I keep reading your blog, I will become a worrier. Oops! Too late.

    • Hi Editor (retired).
      LOL, I like that.
      Eyes wide open, ears to the ground, my friend!
      As for being worried?
      What seems alarmist to some is SNAFU to others.
      Like me there isn’t a lot of surprises left for them.
      Mainly because we were all educated by university of life, the college of hard knocks, the schooling of the military, and the horror of returning to civilian life.

      Were you ever a boy scout and the “Be prepared” sort of thing?
      To prepare you have to know what to prepare for.
      So I read, listen, and watch.
      Trying to work out which “wrong” in the world is the most likely to affect me.

      Having said that behind every “wrong” there is a common chain of command.
      The actions of the UK’s gibbering idiots (aka politicians),
      In the pay of fat cats (aka big business),
      Who are all owned by the insidious ministrations of the greedy (aka bankers),
      With the wild card (aka religion) cocking up just about everything else.

      As for mother nature getting into the act?
      What she does is pretty lame and mostly short lived compared to the destruction the above four can reign down on us.

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