Top 5 Threats

wefThe WEF Global Risk 2015 report puts these things as the top five things to watch out for in the world. [Source]

In terms of likelihood
Interstate Conflict with regional consequences
(Funny how current that is)
Extreme weather events
Failure of national governance
State Collapse or crisis
High structural unemployment or under employment.

In terms of impact
Water Crisis
Rapid and massive spread of infectious diseases
Weapons of mass destruction
Interstate conflict with regional consequences
Failure of climate-change adaptions

Interesting isn’t it how the world’s experts see global events unfolding.

Being a “little” more local in my thoughts I see only the immediate threats to my family’s safety and the top five are:-

    • The UK government and it’s hatred of the little people.
      (In whatever flavor gets into power this year)
    • The US and NATO in the Ukraine which may lead to WAR with RUSSIA.
    • The EU and the Euro Collapse which will lead to another UK financial collapse.
    • The Muslim extremist threat
    • Civil Conflict as the UK economy crashes again and nationalism rises.

Any Brit want to argue this list?

The review of my survival plans and our immediate actions to whatever is progressing but still taking up a lot of my thoughts.

One thing is certain though, running for the hills is not foremost in any of the planning simply because I don’t do fast anymore and in the case of having to survive the CRN (Chemical, Radiological, and nuclear) of CBRN that’s a really awful plan unless you can arrive at a prepared hardened location BEFORE the event.

As for the “B” biological element?
Provided you can pick up on the signs in time, seclusion may be of use.

Ho hum, back to thinking about things.

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