10-8 Back in service.

thinkingitShould have really done this before publishing the posts on Shelter and CBRN.
Whoops, I mean explaining my 10-7, not thinking happy thoughts.
Business first, not pleasure. 😀

Anyway all my reviewing has been done, plans re-considered, “fings updated” sort of thing.

There have been a couple of major changes to write about.
Shelter is an ongoing one, the basics have been laid out, detail to follow.
CBRN has been re-examined and you’ve just read the Chemical bit of CBRN. I’m going to add to that with a bit more on riot gases used in “protest suppression”.

Biological hazards are relatively straight forward and unchanged.
biohazardIt’s scary, nothing you can do about it, and isolation the only viable option apart from going “zombie hunting”.

Radiological and Nuclear?
On the 14th Day still stands as my basic thinking.

Water has changed a fair bit though.
Now surrounded by the stuff, it’s not quantity I’m worried about more quality. I’m still a fan of boiling everything above chemical treatment but in terms of scavenging for what I need, under duress, under CBRN, the tactics have changed a bit.

Financial collapse is a work in progress and I’m roping in SWMBO for this one with her knowledge about all things money. It’s useful being married to a former number cruncher.

Conflict is going to be a sticky one.
It takes on six sections.

  1. Civil (Dealing with the sheeple and their ‘shepherds’ aka the police)
  2. Government (Dealing with the slime [aka politicians] and local ‘authoritative’ interference) plus martial law sort of thing.
  3. Banking / Cash (Financial crash) SWMBO country.
  4. Drugs and meds (acquisition and alternatives) in conflict
  5. Scavenging in a conflict
  6. Long term thoughts.

Not a lot, really, Um-mm sort of, oh poo it’s going to be a rewrite of virtually everything in our little book of answers!

Sod you NATO, UK government, Banks, EU, US, and whoever decided to stop making the Amazing Raisin Bar!


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  1. shtfprepper says:

    At least you know what you’re doing, planning, and planning again. Some folks think it’s someone else’s responsibility to do these things for them.

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