More good news (not)

Fresh uncertainty over Greece has helped push the pound GBP to a seven-year high of €1.40 and the UK chancellor tells Greece to get a grip!

Wow, how good is that (not).
My money goes further in Europe. If I ever get there again.

Now our exports will take a dive as yet again we find ourselves over priced in Europe due to the exchange rate.
The tourist trade will also slump if this keeps up as they won’t get a good exchange rate either.

As for the chancellor Osborne telling Greece to sort things out between them and the bankers?
He would wouldn’t he.
Because of one simple event  he’ll be watching his dreams of re-election take a nose dive as the revenue from export sales plummets, and about a month before the general election.

This will also have a knock on effect for PM David Cameron who wouldn’t let us have a referendum about leaving the EU. Why? Because it will be seen by the sheeple that the EU is yet again dragging the UK into the mire.

What’s the betting Europe will be demanding a hand out from us again? Evens I would have thought.

Remind me again about the good reasons of being a member of the abortion called the European Union?

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4 Responses to More good news (not)

  1. jlm990 says:

    The Germans are also tired of paying the bills of their Southern neighbors.

    • OK, now I’ve got a different mind to all this.

      Rightly or wrongly Germany is seen by many to be Europe’s banker.
      A country wants money, German bankers are first through the door.
      Then comes the IMF and the country is officially sunk!

      They lend money then act all hurt when it turns out to be a bad investment.
      Bankers thrive in debt. That’s where they make their obscene fortunes
      Every time a little country goes down the pan, they are there looking for payment, demanding austerity, screwing the little people via their government. That ain’t right.

      Germany doesn’t want to pay? STOP SHELLING OUT THE MONEY!

  2. jlm990 says:

    Perhaps I should have clarified by saying ‘the German people”. German bankers are no more or less the same scum as their American and British counterparts. Actually, I doubt that most bankers can even be identified by nationality (or even pedigree) as their loyalty is to whatever fills their coffers, regardless of the effect on either their own countries or other’s. Sorry for the confusion.

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