Man Flu


Not exactly, just a common cold.
Which jerk named it “common” by the way.

All winter we live on the boat.
Sure it got chilly but we survived with no frostbite, without snow blindness, and well hydrated as when it’s cold we drink coffee and tea from gallon sized mugs.


Then we spend one poxy week in a central heated house and BANG , I’ve got a damn cold!

It’s happened before.
We’ve camped in the wettest spring in UK history. Day after day of torrential rain. The rain ending the day after we gave in and bought a caravan which did it’s very best to roast us alive. Bottom line was we ended up fitter, leaner, and calmer with no migraines.

Then we go into a new home too a cold, migraines, stress, and all the things that modern living gives you.

We’ve traveled in a makeshift RV, a converted van.
Sleeping in the back, cramped, but still staying well, clean, and healthy.

Afterwards into a house to the joys of upset digestive systems, stress, migraines, loss of sleep, etc.
Every time we’ve gone back into a house or hotel with all the mod cons of living, within a week or so, we’re ill!

What’s that called?
Bad luck?
Sods law? That which requires that everything goes wrong with the worst possible outcome. (Thanks Wiki.)

For years I’ve only been happy living a basic low-tech lifestyle (poor old wife gamely coping with whatever happens).

Yet it seems that we are no longer bullet proof to modern living.

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