Forgotten everything it seems.

It was one of those “I’ll just do a little bit of multitasking” moments.
i.e. take dog for a pee, burn confidential waste at same time.

Simple eh?

  1. It’s cold, so I go out without my beanie on and I’m still suffering from that damn cold! How stupid was that! Drippy nose or what!
  2. It’s blowy, and I mean really blowy so trying to light my bag of  “confidential waste” on one of the marina’s BBQ stands got interesting FAST.
  3. Wind and things in a plastic bag.
    Lighter applied to the  bag, bag burns, wind does the rest.
    15 minutes of scrabbling round picking up the unburnt (soaked in lamp oil) sheets of paper. Another 10 minutes repeating the game as gusts of wind re-scattered the burning material. Me stubbornly persisting until job done.
  4. And then it started to rain, me with no hat, only a fleece, and a five-minute job that has taken a full half hour!
  5. Back on boat, wet dog, wet me, temperature in boat is lovely and warm, and I now spend the next 10 minutes coughing like mad whilst warming up!

Oh sod it, I should have stayed on board and the dog must learn to cross its legs a bit harder.

A shining example of a senior’s CRAFT (can’t remember a flipping thing) moment when I should have gone prepared but didn’t!

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  1. Comes with age I’m afraid!

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