Meet BOB Despair

I was getting sick to death about my efforts over the years in trying to formulate the perfect bug out bag, GO-Bag, GOOD bag, or the other 1001 acronyms for what is essentially the same thing.

I’ve dropped this for that, bought this, chucked that, re-sorted the kit, re-evaluated the re-sort, scrapped the first decision, divided the root numerator by 16, thought and basically gave up.

Even recently I rebuilt it.
Sort of a boring day but it was fun for a few hours.
heavyweedSo I disassembled it, ate the chocolate (nice), made a lovely sweet and sour using the rice, and had a couple of mugs of tea to wash it down. (Burp!)

There are some core things that remain though, stuffed in the sack (or more accurately most of them are lying on the shelves).

A knife. Boy it was expensive too. £12 ($17).
A first aid kit (gets a lot of use that does).
A months worth of meds. (Religiously updated)
A gas lighter and a ferrocerium stick (which came with the knife)
A liter sports bottle of water. (Mainly used by the dog)
A hank of para-cord.
FFP3 Masks
Nitrile gloves
My soap dish with (surprisingly enough) soap and a razor with spare blades.
Tooth brush, (an absolute must).
A hand towel
Toilet paper (as dock leaves make for one hell of a rash).
Dustbin liners
Duct tape
A 3 seasons sleeping bag
And of course my wreaking gear.

Wow comprehensive eh? (Not).
Add my neck wear which gets slung on every time I walk out the door.

dogtagI’m thinking YOU’RE THINKING,
WTF can you do with that?

With No AR15, side arm, high explosives, Katadyn, super deluxe hammock and sleeping pod, and the now obligatory IPAD which enables people to store a couple of digital copies of survival information and solve the meaning of life. Surely you’re doomed!

Well you’d be right, there isn’t really a lot you can do with it.
Except do I need a lot? Really?
The clue for my planned “longevity” is in the wreaking gear.
That and my uncontrollable urge to dumpster dive!
Seriously, it’s embarrassing.

dumpsterdiveSo, no radio (at home), no filtration (at home), no food (at home), in fact a lot of what I’ve got is laying round, AT HOME.

What do you see your bag for?
Running off into the hills and surviving for ever with one of those  “GUCCI CAM”, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, “Must haves” that prepper and survivalist ‘experts’ say you need? Special price $999 for everything you’ll need. Money back promise if TEOTWAWKI happens and you die.

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Or do you see it as providing THE BASICS of survival, and possibly carrying the tools to GET THE BASICS?

I’m curious, after all the time you invested into making the finest bag ever.
Are you truly happy with it? 100%, it’s perfect?
Everyday do you walk past it and think “perfection”!

Then do you ever ask yourself:-
“When I have to pass through the first LEO or military check point I get to, or even try walk through the wrong ‘hood, will I get through ‘intact’, unscathed sort of thing?”

RAMBO types can of course ignore this question as they’ll never surrender their goodies let alone their weapons stating “They’ll have to pry them from our cold dead hands”.

yawnKeep taking the pills boys!

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2 Responses to Meet BOB Despair

  1. I don’t think there is a perfect BOB, because it depends on time of year, the reason you’re bugging out, etc. I think when push comes to shove and you need to be portable, there will be people killing each other for a bottle of water, so who knows what will happen!

  2. gamegetterII says:

    I would still carry at least a Lifestraw for water filtration-just in case I couldn’t get home,or to a safe place to stay.
    I also carry a magnesium block in my firestarting kit.
    I carry 2 1qt canteens with me because the dog drinks at least one of them by himself.

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