Visual Clues


Went to a new district today and my spider senses went into instant overdrive.
SWMBO is the same as me in that respect although not quite as street wise but even she has been known to “clunk” the central locking in places WAY BEFORE I DO.

Looking round was everything “big city” drugs activity (in a poxy little 3 street town), that desperate look about everyone, a place that is uncared for, cars on bricks, trash (aka fly tipping) and empty beer cans in the gutters.

I profile.
Can’t help it. always have, always will.
Today was one of those “no brainer” moments i.e. These fools are dangerous.
No instruction needed, no training, just one look and “Oh hell look what we have driven into” washed over the two of us.

In the UK is a phenomenon called the CHAV.
It’s an acronym for the next to lowest form of life (the #1 spot reserved for politicians) and stands for council housed and violent. I suppose the rest of the world might say ‘social housing’ and violent.

Anyway it’s where track suit bottoms, baseball caps and Bling rule supreme.
The pseudo American foul language they utter is like listening to really bad Rap (strangely enough I do enjoy GOOD Rap) and totally incomprehensible, finally they all exhibit an average IQ seldom above single digits.

Get the picture?

So as I’m driving round saying “No way in hell am I parking here” CLUNK, the central locking was engaged by SWMBO.

Good move I’m thinking!
Sat there wishing we owned
a slightly more robust vehicle.


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2 Responses to Visual Clues

  1. My husband has a talent for getting lost in urban places and taking us through bad neighborhoods. (As I check all the locks and demand he turn around and go back.) The last time it was around the airport in Minneapolis/St. Paul. There were all these signs on the edge of the street that said, “Dial 911 if you see . . . .” Fortunately, the area was deserted when we were driving through–better than the last time when we saw all those policemen milling around in bullet proof vests. Strangely, enough, my family just thinks I’m paranoid! Nice to know I’m not alone. Begonia

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