The blackthorn or sloe (Prunus spinous) is a perennial shrub which occurs in hedges and thickets all over the British Isles.

A very useful barrier type plant which people use as a natural “sod off bad guys” fencing.
The spikes are as hard as nails, sharp as hell, a neat way of introducing toxins into the skin let alone bits of spike which fester quietly beneath the skin.

All in all a pain in the ?? well sort of wherever they can jab you!
Now add modern gardening techniques and the craze for using leaf blowers to “clean up” the debris, those needle type cuttings get spread EVERYWHERE.

In real life in towns that means the gardener just blows the cutting into the road and me being one of the worlds ‘lucky’ (not) people often find that they are quite capable of puncturing the side walls of a standard car tire.

And so it came to pass that that’s what happened today!
First clue was I started to hear the tapping noise of a stone in the tread only it looked like a rusty nail. Could I pull it out? No chance with the simple pliers I carry so off to the tire repair man. He got it out (just) with the combination pliers from hell!

Having said that there is a happy ending. It had lanced into the tire sidewall at a REALLY acute angle and hadn’t managed to puncture the tire. 10 minutes of spraying on the leak mix proved that i.e. no bubbles.

YeeHa, £40 ($60) saved!

Natures own little calthrops is Blackthorn.
Something to think about when it comes to you
laying down a perimeter defense (and ruining tires).

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One Response to Blackthorn

  1. gamegetterII says:

    We have a few shrub/small tree type plants that produce similar thorns.
    Hawthorne.crabapple,thorneapple,etc. Deer tend to bed down in them around where I live-I’ve had the thorns go through a coat,and several layers of clothing.
    Good idea using as caltrops-no assembly required.

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