Stockpile by all means except you’ll never have enough.

It’s a fortress mentality you are building too!
i.e. I’ve got loads. Now all I have to do is keep it safe.
A fools notion that you can keep out everyone and everything.

    • Cue nature with a whole host of events that can drive you from your home.
    • Cue man who will always want what isn’t his with no regard to you or family.
    • Cue government as the last thing they want is someone who doesn’t depend on them.
    • Cue shelf life. Yep, shelf life which will see you throwing stuff away.
    • Cue spies. Spies? You paid for it and probably not all in cash.
      Thus there is an audit trail from the bank to the supplier, retailer, delivery service, trash man, and nosy neighbor who all know just what you have been buying and where you live.

What’s your plan now you’ve been found out or dispossessed?
Will you just scoop and run?
With years of supplies and a family into your 4 door sedan.
Once on the road there is no protection and even with the rule of law in place you will probably end up a victim of others, government, weather, and no fuel.

What if the infra structure has collapsed and the roads are clogged.
Some talk of planning alternative routes and evading challenge, ambush, and capture, yet a favored time-tested saying is “NO OP-PLAN SURVIVES THE FIRST BULLET”.

Maybe it also needs “AND THE TRAFFIC JAM FROM HELL.”

Even if you reach your destination, will you be safe?
One defeated fortress to another waiting to fall?
Will someone see you unloading?
Will someone know where you are?
Can you guarantee invisibility let alone your chances of ever getting there?

Save your money and be sensible.
Keep enough for your short-term needs, cache the same if you can but above all learn what the others will have already been training to do.

They learn to scavenge for what they need
To forage from the land and water.
They also learn to farm.

Except that’s not the bottom line and they are all learning one other skill.


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5 Responses to Stockpile

  1. shtfprepper says:

    I like the folks who spend thousands of dollars stocking up. I guess some believe that society will be up and running and manufacturing and the farmers will be growing everything just in time as their big honkin’ stockpile is depleted to a jar of peanuts. I say you gotta get dirty if you want to continue life.

  2. I just hope nothing happens and will die of old age first. LOL!

    • Old age in the UK is becoming extremely hazardous.
      People are definitely dying before their due time but not of old age.
      For a few winters now pensioners have been faced with the choice of heat or eat.
      No money, rising costs, poor healthcare, personal safety when out and about, even down to flu jabs that didn’t work!

      A whole generation will probably never receive a state pension as the government keep upping the age of retirement. (my generation incidentally)
      Finding somewhere to live is a struggle with rising rents and getting a mortgage to buy a place pretty impossible for the over 40’s.

      Health care is collapsing under bad management.
      And that’s just the “good bits”.

      On reflection I think it’s better for Russia to invade and save us.

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