No guns

No, I haven’t lost my marbles (gone insane), but have you considered what happens when the ammo runs out and more importantly PRIMERS!

Flintlocks anyone?

Some will of course say this won’t happen for a VERY LONG TIME except how many of us go out and BUY ammunition and are totally incapable of rolling your own.

I read so much panicked writings about loss of 5.56 due to government stupidity and I have to laugh about it.
5.56 x 45mm is probably the second most used cartridge in the world behind the 7.62 x 39 mm. Not forgetting the worlds most loved plinking ammo the 22 LR.

Except without ammunition manufacturing, without chemicals for boom powder, without PRIMERS, what you have left is a long stick!

Centerfire_&_rimfire_ignitionI also love to read about the load outs of survivalists.
100 of 9 x 19 mm, 120 x 5.56 or 7.62, plus the usual smattering of 22, 357, 40 and 44 cal. Then there is all the different shotgun loads.

Sunday night, or day ‘whatever’, into TEOTWAWKI, I wonder, will the local gun shop be open, still have stock, or even be there?

Another funny thing I’ve noted is no-one seems to list a spare firing pin, extractor, or set of seals!
Why is that? I guess I know deep inside of me.
Most wouldn’t know how to repair a weapon in the first place!

So back to no guns.
What’s your plan?
Sharpened sticks, slingshots made from your knicker elastic LOL!

Field expedient weapons need to be considered for your survival needs and for most that would mean stringed weapons i.e. bows (cross, re-curve, and the over complicated high-tech compound).

Only this does raise another interesting question.
What you going to use for ammunition?
Hands up those who have ever made an arrow or bolt that can fly ACCURATELY for more that 30 meters?
I’ll keep mine firmly down and admit to blowing out one crossbow prod trying. I’m better with a slingshot (and even better with traps).

So is this a case of nothing to worry about?
After all there are plenty of places to buy from aren’t there?

Until there aren’t!


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3 Responses to No guns

  1. equippedcat says:

    Ammunition is fairly heavy, and sizable. Yet it is highly useful. The solution is to have a lot available, but not carry an excessive amount. Caches would seem to be a good idea to the degree practical.

    Ability to make more ammo is good, but practically, it would need to be at a fixed location (unless the plan is to use a manual Lee Loader or equivalent.

    But however much ammo you have, there is a fair chance you won’t have enough, so setting up to use assorted backup weaponry is wise, both to extend your ammo supply (1 pellet for a rabbit rather than a shotgun shell, or even a .22 round), and to continue on after the ammo is gone..

  2. jlm990 says:

    Major wars fought, empires risen and fallen, all long before the firearm made it’s entrance. Bows and slings are definitely a priority, and not just for when your ammo runs out. They are silent. You can hunt game without letting everyone within 2 clicks know you are there. In my library are some books that describe how to make an English Longbow. May give it a try this summer.

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