Do you need books for prepping?

Dunno about you but I’ve got a few.
Hardly a surprise seeing as though I “preach” low tech.

  • Basic printouts include FM 21-76 plus a few more key field manuals (FM).
  • Where there are no Doctors or Dentist also take up bag space.
  • The Ships masters first aid guide although you’ve all probably got your own preferred first aid manual.
  • Then I’ve got my own notes.
    Making water safe, salt, CBRN notes, personal hygiene, navigation, communications, plus a few more. Mainly dosages, methods, and technical information because I’ve got the memory of a goldfish thus prefer to look things up than try to remember.

All in all they don’t take up much space AND, if all else fails, they have three other uses. Lighting fires, insulation, and wiping my backside.

There again there are the electronic “YOU” out there.
IPOD-IPAD-Kindle or whatever lovers.
Sat grinning at my old tech paper when a memory card takes up so much less room.

I’ve just got one acronym to say to you smartie pants, EMP!
That and the damp, when it’s too cold, dropping the darn thing, and batteries.

Plus I’d guess they aren’t too good at lighting fires, stuffing in your clothing as insulation and they will definitely be hard on your backside.

There again there are always dock leaves for the high-tech among you.


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2 Responses to Do you need books for prepping?

  1. shtfprepper says:

    a few essential books are a plus, even for the “professionals”.

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