It was a TV series about a British college professor at New York University who has the unusual ability to transform into any kind of animal he wants. (Rubbish series IMO)

Yet I like the term MANIMAL as it sums up two of the biggest dangers to preppers and survivalists i.e. man and animal (aka a predator).

When in the woods at night, SWMBO gets a bit spooked as I’m sure a lot people do. It’s all about the loss of distance vision, and the unseen sources of sound that play on the imagination. Yet is there something there to be frightened of?

Those who live in other countries might say yes with wild dog, boar, even bear, yet who is actually the intruder there, you or them? IMHO if you are stupid enough to invade their territory, it serves you right if you get eaten.

Having said that, I don’t live in a hostile environment full of wild animals, I live in the UK. Here we occasionally have problems from stray dogs and in some places wild boar, but the main threat to your safety is man!

It’s not often a physical threat you have to worry about but (when wild camping, foraging, or hunting) even a casual dog walker or householder can bring down a world of hurt from the authorities. Them fine upstanding law-abiding citizens aka NIMBY’s fall over themselves to report such activities.

(NIMBY’s? Not In My Backyard)

Fast forward to a crisis though and ‘expert advice’.
With every so-called ‘expert’ preaching BUG OUT as the preferred way to survive for large township / city dwellers, the logic of telling a few million people to head for the hills rather escapes me.

Unless their unspoken plan is to expedite a massive die off from hypothermia, bad water, CBRN, poor sanitation, starvation, or conflict.

Bottom line is the immediate  ‘green area’ round a population center is going to get rather cramped as the road infrastructure jams up and, lets face it, a long distance hike for most townies or city folk is 300 yards to a chip shop or pub!

Desperate people who now find themselves homeless with no physical protection, poor (if any) survival skills, no infrastructure (clean water, food, and support services) plus NO LAW.

Oh yeah, it’ll be carnage.

And finally
Manimal. When exactly would a man turn into an animal?
At what point would there be carnage?
The one thing you can rely on is once people are out of their comfort zone, under stress, scared, tired, thirsty, hungry, cold, wet, and probably feeling a little unwell, everyone reverts to one of two types, victims and predators.

The only question after that is “Which one will you be?”

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    If you’re backed into a corner or in a life or death struggle… guess what? What I would do would make it on national news.

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