Scrubbing the decks.

On a narrow boat?
Not really applicable but the aluminum outside has a two-tone paint job that gets grubby FAST.
Wash with soft brush, rinse with hose, towel off the excess and I’m thinking “Job done, cuppa tea time”. Just like when I do my car.

Night came, night went , and by dawns light I’m up walking the dog to come back to a still grubby but now hopelessly streaky boat. Arghh!

41 foot long, top, two sides, bow, helm, about 320 square feet of paintwork needs yet another wipe down with clean warm water, clean clothes (I’m running out of old tee shirts FAST by the way), by a well peed off yours truly.

Good bit was the sun came up and the aluminum was now toasty warm so it evaporated the water leaving NO STREAKS!

That took the best part of an hour.
Breakfast, and I’m sat munching my cereal looking through GRIME.
Aluminum may dry off fast, glass doesn’t. Double ARGHH!
Add another 20 minutes to daily chores.

Lesson learned by this tale.
Just because it looks clean in the twilight doesn’t mean it is!
Living on a boat does not make for simple chores.
Living on a boat makes the simplest task stretch.
Not forgetting if it’s possible to go wrong, it will!

As a result the day started at 10 h and not the planned 8 h.
Still , plenty of day left (not).

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  1. jlm990 says:

    Nice boat! Does it have a name?

  2. jlm990 says:

    I certainly do not want you to kill me, so I will just refer to it as “Nice Boat”! LOL!

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