Two Tools

micromattockSame 15″ (383mm) shaft, the two different heads make these tools very useful for the survivor.

The mattock.
With the two CUTTING blades, it makes short work of most things.
Tip to tip the head is only 8 ½” (220mm) and as such folk may say it tiny aka micro YET sharpen up the blades and they become very useful in confined spaces.

As for the micro pick.
Tip to tip the head is only 9 ½” (245mm). Now you have a cutter and a conventional pick point that only takes minutes to power its way through a single layer conventional brick wall. All in all the better of the two within the remit of a scavenging tool.

They don’t stop there though and the heads easily slip off to leave you with a useful 15 ” baton.

Each weighing in at 26 oz (0.75 kg) they might seem a bit heavy but the sheer wreaking power of this basic tool far outweigh its weight disadvantage. Thus for the scavengers out there, I present a pair of very useful tools.

Oops, nearly forgot the most important thing. £10, $15 US.
Cheap as chips, useful for wreaking, digging, and for self-defense.

Questionably I think they are possibly better than the standard folding shovel.
They are certainly stronger. As for the shovel?
Even when sharpened up the shovel is very awkward to handle in a self defense situation.


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