Combative Survival

nofriendDo you see survival only in terms in COMBAT?
Or is it seen as a physical challenge, adopting the correct mindset, possessing a few desirable skill sets with PERHAPS the chance of conflict?

What I’m reading more and more is “Si vis pacem, para bellum”.
Translated as, “If you want peace, prepare for war“.

So is this a shift away from a  “self-defense” way of thinking to a “full on civil war coming soon” scenario, and if so why?

Without question the US is a gun culture and if you believe their media, blog land, and the US’s NRA, the US government is after their guns. Contrary to their Constitution, and against all common sense.

Against all common sense? Yep!
Rather like the UK has disarmed the law-abiding population leaving the criminal and police the only two “forces” to remain armed. The US governments move is positively stupid in a land where gun ownership and gun crime are the norm.

What’s this got to do with the survivalist world?
Survival is keeping yourself and your own safe. If no one but the bad guys have all the weapons, what defense have you against that?

Thus there is a scramble to arm, train, and become proficient BEFORE the government try to collect the firearms off the law-abiding. In short, they are training for when the government turn this into a civil war.

Meanwhile in the UK, (currently being flushed down the toilet by the government and political correctness).

flushedaway1The law-abiding are still only good for being reactive targets which the police and criminals can practice on. According to the media (until they were told to STFU by the government) the illegal gun trade is out of control BIG TIME!

Except what sort of numbers are we talking about?
Apart from the inner cities we’re actually not talking a lot of weaponry (per head) and in a mass die off (and this is when most get it wrong), it’s going to be both the good and bad who die.

If you look at the scenario of zombies (aka a pandemic) in a city, the average gun in the UK will be out of bullets in the first few hours, and dead shortly there after. Try a nuke and the same will apply probably instantaneously.

Thus with MOST of the illegal firearms within city limits, the prepper worries of huge marauding gangs (although the military could take their place) touring the countryside looks unlikely.

Except what about the rural scene and the armed forces?
Well actually a big die off may not be contained within cities and isn’t too worried about barbed wire fences.

Whoops, another myth blown apart.

OK it may take a bit longer but zombies (aka pandemics) will spread to all areas not totally isolated or physically barricaded from the rest of the world and as for nukes?

Anyway after whatever has finished will the military come out to play?
Possibly but as there are less now than in medieval times, and unless you are REALLY careless, I’m not thinking they will present much of a problem to the astute survivor.

(Yep, I would regard them as a danger to us much like armed UK cops).

Back to the question of being armed, proactive, shoot first, say sorry afterwards.

The US is renowned for when things go wrong the bad come out to play. Disasters, rioting, and just plain old badness, has guns being used for no more reason than they can. So the argument on whether to arm for survival is clear.

In a gun culture, you arm and I’ve no problem with that.

Only what if you have little access to weapons like the UK?
There are only a few scenarios in my Book Of Possible Doom that call for me getting armed by whatever means I could.

  1. Civil uprising
  2. War, i.e. Invasion of a foreign power
  3. The government turning against the people more than they are now and using lethal force
  4. The after effects of a pandemic or war seen as:-
    Where you could be facing large numbers of the infected, contaminated, or dispossessed desperate souls, and the problem of wild dogs.

Not many things is it and after a mass die off, if we are still standing that is, I’m thinking there will be plenty of arms for us just laying round

In the mean time I’m a follower of the gray man philosophy.
The Gray Man Persona, The Gray Man Look, The Gray Man In Action, and Maintaining Cover.

Some who know of my scribbles will say “but you push the foraging, hunting, and  scavenging agenda every chance you get“.
Except does that draw attention to me or not? I think not.

We, travel light and look ill-equipped.
An “elderly” down on their luck couple and totally harmless.
Unlike the bug out bag boys who will soon learn that looking well equipped is rather like wearing a target on your back

Yet what about personal protection, self-defense, sort of thing?
How the hell do you guys in the US hide a long arm, let alone a bow or crossbow, and some of the larger melee weapons? OR is that the point some are trying to make. “Look at me I’ve the baddest MotherFk’r for miles around so don’t mess with me!”

I’m more covert than overt and rely on ambush weapons more than anything else.

What is an ambush weapon? It’s something you can deploy without any warning, usually from a covert position, to strike an aggressor. For instance a pistol, a knife, or something like mace.
More overtly is a heavy walking stick or the fur coated razor blade (dog) as a last resort.

I’ve already talked about protocols , street protocols, which sensible people will adopt to not get killed through a misunderstanding.

Only there is more to that, there is communication.
One of the most important thing I learned from them who taught me survival trade craft was how to interact with others.

  • To pass no judgment on those less fortunate than yourself
  • To never talk AT a person but always TO the person.
  • To accept a person for what and who they are.
  • To respect their possessions
  • To give respect when due.
  • To respect personal space
  • To respect eye contact.
  • To trade fairly.

In short “people skills”.
Yet all I read about in the pseudo-paramilitary blog land is survival from a gun barrel. Patrolling, combat this and that, MRE’s, and the 99 different weapons I need to carry for self-defense.

Hardly anything about personal interaction apart from “If he twitches, gun him down”. What, not a fair statement? OK, list a blog that teaches interaction with others in a survival scenario.

A while ago I wrote about the dangers of altruistic sites.
Like everything they have evolved and the thirst for paramilitary and weapons training has boosted their popularity.  They are still easy to spot. The tit bits of information, the building of confidence in their advice, then the offer of courses.

paypal Sure training is a lucrative money spinner yet what’s on offer seems to be mainly gun play, and paramilitary. I’d guess at a ration of 10:1, guns against passive survival skill courses.

I have to pose a question to our US brethren.
Are you being conned into ignoring passive survival skills in favor of gun play, and a Rambo sort of survival mindset by peer pressure?

I’d like you to ponder on this small fact of life too.
There will always be someone out there who will be a little quicker, a bit more accurate, and tactically better than you.

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  1. yokel. says:

    “respect” this or that? when everything goes “pear shaped” trust no one and you wont go far wrong, turn your back and you may get a knife in it.

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