Technophobic, me?

Ha, I’ve just been told I’m technophobic.
I love it, I’ve been promoted to a Tech grade.
Do I get a pay rise?

An old school pre-transistor electronics engineer who still works on  TV’s, radios, audio-visual, telecoms, marine, radar and computer equipment. All down to component level, and I’m a technophobic?
rotglmanOh boy you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried but thanks for the laugh.

Only there is a serious side to this which I would like you talk about. Technology can be a benefit, and I’ve no argument with that, EXCEPT when you rely on it and have no fall back position.

Only what is technology?
Ask most people and they’ll probably run off a list of electronic gizmo’s starting with the humble computer or mobile phone.
Only my idea of technology includes a magnetic compass, a flintlock, a pick and shovel, and a lamp running from vegetable oil or rendered animal fat.

Part of prepping for survival is to consider what you would do in various scenario’s and working out ways round whatever problem you may come across.

Consider this.
Round the Earth, people live without electricity, electronics, clean running water, health professionals, and supermarkets. Money means nothing to them. So come a ‘technology wipe out’ are they really going to care or probably even notice? Their survival probably guaranteed by their present way of living.

BUT is your life style “technology wipe out” proof ?
How would you stack up against them if everything you take for granted just stopped? No money, water, sewage, food, heat, fuel, or anything else that runs off electricity that is part of your daily life.

Top line of my Home Page says:-
You wanna know a funny thing about the end of the world? The world is still there afterwards.

Only my worse case is a world without electricity and as a result little if any “high-tech”.

If yours is the same, how are you preparing for grid down living?
Considering that the Internet, your fridge, or the toaster for your pop tarts may never work again.


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7 Responses to Technophobic, me?

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Noooooooo !!! Not the un-toasted Pop Tarts!!!

  2. You? Technophobic? I think NOT!

    • Hi there A’.
      I took it as a joke anyway and I was wondering if I should “name and shame” him BUT NO.
      I knows who he is and I know why he did it.
      The guy can’t navigate for toffee with a magnetic compass, lives with his phone in his pocket 24/7/365, and his car dashboard looks like the space shuttle’s flight deck.
      As for his Mrs. Don’t even go there!
      His house has every gizmo known to man for security, audio visual everything, and I swear he plugs himself into the mains to charge up every night.

  3. jlm990 says:

    I guess I would have to suffer through the cold Pop Tarts. After all, I already got used to P….. warm beer in the Army.

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