A rifle and ?

I’ve always said you can replace anything except a good rifle.
Well sort of. I should have added, and someone you can trust to watch your back.

I’ve written that twice for a reason and it was extremely wrong of me not to have not written that before. So, what is the best trust in the world? Family, friends, a dog that can shoot?

Well for me the dog can’t shoot so I’ve got something else I can’t and wouldn’t dream of replacing:-

swmboNow before I get accused of being all slushy (which I am) there is a very good reason. She is the only person left in my world I really trust and in this bloody awful world we live in you definitely need someone in your corner, to watch your back. Even better bit is she thinks the same of me.

You are now probably thinking,
“What happened to that irreplaceable rifle?”
Ha! It’s still there and she also trusts that and (more accurately) my ability to put food on the table with it.

(She is also quite a good shot with it too.)

Current Events.
Recently though we have reached the point where despite doing all the right things, we are about to be shit on by UK government policies and the sideshow called UK bureaucracy starting from around June of this year.

Only we are both of the mind where we won’t let the bastards grind us down.

So stay tuned because
This is going to get EPIC!

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4 Responses to A rifle and ?

  1. equippedcat says:

    I have heard that the UK government is wreaking havoc on those not rich enough to be of benefit to the government. Is the June excitement “universal”, or specific to you?

    • To us it sure feels personal but in the grand scheme of things we are one among many.

      Only I never did worry about anyone else.
      It’s up to them to work out their own salvation.
      Most won’t be in a position to help anyone let alone themselves anyway.

      So ultimately it’s us and the dog against government and bureaucracy!
      Vive la révolution!

  2. jlm990 says:

    Hang in there. A lot of us on this side of the Big Pond are fed up with our idiots too!

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