Powder Care

Your Feet! Those things that stop your ankles from fraying.
Ask any mil or ex-mil and they’ll probably know more about foot care than your average doctor will.

First thing I was taught, every time you stop, where and when possible check your feet.
Hot feet, wet feet, anything but “optimal”, on goes a clean dry warm pair of socks after washing and drying your tootsies and dusting from that little foot powder can. The anti fungal properties of the powder never failed to kill off the foot nasties only it didn’t stop there.

Tinea Pedis aka Athlete’s Foot,
Tinea Cruris  aka Jock Itch or groin rash.
Tinea Corporis  aka Ringworm.

There are loads of OTC medicines you can buy to deal with these three fungal horrors but for me I won’t waste time with a cream.

Tolnaftate is one powder used to treat the above as is Miconazole Nitrate.

Occasionally you’ll find chlorhexidine hydrochloride as an additive. It’s an antiseptic that is effective against a wide range of bacteria that are often present with athlete’s foot and other skin conditions.

OK as for trade names? What, you want me to do all the work!

Wash and dusting each day with the powder has seen me OK for years and in an emergency situation, the last thing you need as a result of  no washing and sticky clothing or smelly boots is any of the above to ruin your day.

Only where else to dust? I’m glad you asked.
Feet, groin, and armpits washing your hands afterwards as apart from making your food taste horrible, it’s not for eating.

I did an article years ago called Why being shy can kill you.
Have a read, you might find it “enlightening”.
It’s all about the creepy crawlies that can cause you to get ill.

Permethrin powder (aka ant powder) and cream is an insecticide and works by killing parasites that live on humans, such as the scabies mite and pubic lice.
Ticks and bed bugs aren’t too keen on the stuff either.
Some ACU uniforms come impregnated with Permethrin as standard.
Except there you are, all civilian, with only outdoor clothing from some chain store, so what do you do?

First the good news, there are sprays you can buy to literally impregnate your clothing. Except what if you can’t do that for some reason?
Enter the Permethrin based  ant powder.
Tuck leggings into your boots or wear gaiters and dust away.

CAUTION:- Some folk are allergic to the stuff!
Ho hum, No one ever claimed life was easy.
How would you know you are allergic?
Read the bottle is my advice but HERE IS A LINK to one of those fact sheet sites.

And finally.
Foot powder and Permethrin.
It’s your choice on whether to carry it but millions of soldiers that are or have looked after their feet and groins will probably testify to the foot powders effectiveness.

As for Permethrin?
Good enough for the US to impregnate on ACU’s, it’s good enough for me.
Besides that, I’ve been using it for years and it hasn’t affected me that much!


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  1. You had given me the advice to use Permthrin vs. Deet and I thank you for it. I keep spray Permethrin in my house and if we are going out for a walk in grass or brush, our clothes are pre-treated. Thank you!

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