Profile a Prepper

It’s all about profiling today.
When folk used to say “I don’t like the look of him, her, or it”, it has sort of evolved into a science for some, a skill derived from experience for others.

Despite all the human rights lot bleating on about it’s wrong, it is one heck of a useful skill to master simply for your self-preservation.

Way back in 2002 the Israeli police issued a public pamphlet advising citizens on how to spot the tell-tale signs of a potential suicide bomber. I’ve used the full version of that during security work but luckily no bomber. A few drug, cigarette, and weapon smugglers even though the basic ethnic type was wrong 80% of the time. 

It was the rest of the “points of interest” that alarmed me.
How an individual moves, looks, breathes, and down to their clothing that will trigger a trained person to investigate.

Enough about history, let’s get practical.
Only there is a problem here.
If you were one of the bad guys (aka government), tasked with rooting out those “BAD PEOPLE”, how would you write a “visual profiling guide” that actually fits a prepper or survivalist?

Is it a case of you only need one or have they VERY DISTINCTIVE exclusive  features you could latch onto?

Why ask this?
It’s sort of simple. If you know what they would be looking for, you can modify your appearance, stature, and communications ability to remain the perfect GRAY MAN i.e. not to appear as a threat as the government claim the other two are.

So go on, try it!



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2 Responses to Profile a Prepper

  1. conelrad says:

    FYI- I will be discussing/reading your blog entry on my radio show tonight

    • You’ll have some fun then.
      All ages, both sexes, race, class, and status indifferent.
      Perhaps their manner will give them away BUT if they follow the gray man persona, perhaps not.
      All different people, invisible, until they bug out.
      At that point they will stand out no matter what they do.
      Can you work out why?

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