Switching On (sort of)

Q & A Time.

  • Question 1. How do you drive?
    A. Instinctively. (Not really remembering the journey).
    B. Subjectively. (Taking great care and fully attentive the whole time)
  • Question 2. Going Out or Coming in, where is your mind at?
    A. On auto pilot. (Alert to only the weather and what the day will bring or what you’re going to eat for supper).
    B. Alert. (Actively thinking about security and situational awareness).

I submit that most of you who live in a city or large township will have a set security routine (which will be “auto pilot” and routine) but be driving the whole time totally defensively.

Those who live rural?
Nah! Most of you will be in autopilot 90% of the time for everything.

Only does it matter? Only when things go wrong.
And soooooo much can go wrong.

Preppers and survivalists are meant to be switched on 100 % of the time, as are proponents of the Gray Man Persona, but in the real world most of us move in a relaxed state of sleepiness whoops alertness.

It doesn’t mean we aren’t prepared for disaster but routine can be an effective way of dulling the senses. Even for professionals.

Today I again saw a really sloppy professional who operates in the  potentially dangerous world of Cash Collection. Parking some 50 meters from his collection point, alongside an alleyway, having to cross a busy street, visor up, chewing on something, and oblivious to the two youths stood just out of his sight in the alley.

OK, nothing happened BUT IT COULD HAVE.
I’ve no doubt he does dozens of these collections everyday but he’s got sloppy, careless, and lazy. Routine will do that to a person. That and minimum wage.

  • Question 3.
    When was the last time you did a security and awareness audit?
    Looking at what you own, how you secure it, your daily routine, how you transit to and from wherever, the situational awareness to what is happening round you and how it’s subtly changed since the last time you were awake.

(Ouch, that sounds harsh only is it?)

For instance I’m a fine one to talk.
Everyday, rain or sun, I’m up with the dawn and walk the dog for a good half hour.
The morning “wee, poo, wee” dogs do so well.
I use only a couple of routes and usually leave SWMBO in bed for a lie in.
Each day I see the same people, doing the same things BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY they see me.

Only there is one difference between me and them today.
I’m aware of this security failure now (having carried out a recent shake and bake of my personal security) so am now more awake and situationally aware.

Does that improve my chances of being bounced or my home robbed?
Only Marginally.
Funny thing about dogs, they are a creature of habit and there are only a few ways to and from the boat. One wet (I swim and not recommended), one dry (along the marina walkway). Times are usually fixed, routes often the same and as any thief / mugger will tell you, routine and a predictable timetable is a weakness to be exploited.

Anyway enough about my security, how’s yours doing?
Think routine, routes, people you see who see you, timing, and what’s new.

I think you’ll be unpleasantly shocked by how lax you have become and how routine and predictable your daily activity is.

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One Response to Switching On (sort of)

  1. Takes me back to my banking days and a customer who paid in at the same time on the same days every week as well as collecting the wages just before midday on a Thursday.
    We suggested he change his routine and pay in days, but he’d have none of it. He was robbed en route and ended up in hospital, lucky not to be blinded by the ammonia thrown in his face.

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