It’s official, I’m an old CB’er

Most everyone knows that of me but today was an eye opener (and a soul kicker) as I found a REAL LIVE dedicated old school CB shop in a town near me.

So in I went and said hello. WOW, Disney land for me!
From twigs (aerials) to rigs, connectors to spares, and more types of coax than is decent. I thought I was in heaven.
Wish I’d had my close work glasses though as some of the rigs were smaller than a pack of cigarettes but still chucked out reasonable power.

So how do you fix those?
A Sign on wall.

If it’s out of warranty
We do not fix
“Sub miniature CB’s”

Oh. The throw away society has hit here as well I was thinking.
Surface mount components and microprocessor control.
Probably cheaper to scrap it anyway!
Yet happy memories of hours spent repairing Cobra and other SSB rigs and linear amplifiers crossed my mind with a sigh.

From then on in things went pretty much in a downward direction.
The owners wife came over for a chat and I told her how glad I was that at least there was one well equipped CB shop within driving distance of me. She of course BEAMED and said they had been trading for 35 years when CB sets weren’t even legal.

I chuckled a bit at that one and told her about assembling kits to make CB sets in the old days only for a heck of a lot longer than 35 years.

“Oh, how long is that”, I was politely asked.
Using all ten fingers and a box of matches to count that high I replied “42 years”.

“Hey husband, I’ve found someone older than you!”
Shucks truth hurts doesn’t it!

Then I was listening to him talking to someone and commenting about a guy who had bought a box standard CB BUT had insisted on a “huge” 8 foot long whip. The Rig cost £35, the aerial £110.

The rub was that the owner didn’t seem to get it that range is not so much a function of power but (as most radio engineers will tell you), it’s all about the aerial, coax, and connectors, and how well that aerial is mounted and tuned.

Then he packed up the customers purchases.
A nice little multi-mode / multi-country CB set, and an aerial which was less than 2 foot long.

I left, the shop reduced to the level of “box shifter” level of respect and poor technical salesmanship.

Ho hum, too old, too technical, and not a fan of the shop anymore.
All in about 10 minutes.

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