Fence CB

Hi there, Mr. Unpopular Here.
Unpopular because when Comms matters, I do what it takes.
This simple field expedient “aerial” gives your little handheld one heck of a boost in range.

This works on both Hand held and mobile CB rigs only requiring a little bit of ingenuity on your part (a simple patch lead and clips), a pair of wire cutters, and something to measure with.

fenceCBWith a bit of thought (and Math) you can use it on any HF radio.
HF? That’s the sort of big boys CB sets the radio hams and the rich out there in blogland can afford.
The math? 150/frequency in MHz = Length of each wire.


  • Farmers will hate you.
  • Only use wire fencing supported on wood or concrete posts!
  • It’s not perfect, especially in the rain.
  • If you have a SWR meter USE IT, trimming the wire to drop the SWR to a safe level. Safe? Anything under 2:1 will do but don’t use it for long conversations with loads of power as 10% of what you are trying to chuck out will reflect back into your set and heat things up WHICH IS BAD!
  • COAX lead, use 50 ohm coax and ideally 6 foot (1.8m) of it.
  • Did I mention farmers will hate you even if you did repair the “damage”!


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