Silver Techo-nerds

I wrote about this a while ago but didn’t publish it as I thought I was being unduly harsh.

I’ve always thought that them younger than me were into technology BIG TIME and somehow my generation got caught up in technology but mostly didn’t actually want, need, or even like high-tech.

Up to a few years ago I was quietly confident that should an EMP or solar flare event kill off electricity and electronics, my generation would be resourceful enough to still know “the old ways” and soldier on so to speak.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.
A couple of days ago as SWMBO was tucking into her birthday meal at a pub (inn), we were sat alongside a group of silver techo-nerds only one generation ahead of  us. aka OAP’s, Old Aged Pensioners.

Honestly the conversation went like a young bucks dick measuring contest only 110% technology biased.
“My phone does this”
“Mine does that but better”,
“My life almost ended when the smart phone died and none of my 2400 contacts had been saved onto the sim card”
“Only 2400, my 3200 contacts aren’t saved on my phone but automatically go to ‘the cloud’ for security”.

Small note here, between the two of us we don’t know 2400 people let alone 3200.
Do you?

Internet banking from foreign countries was discussed as was share dealing by Skype conference calls to their stock broker.

Then the wives started.
“My on-line French courses are going well”.
“My ‘Cordon Bleu’ cookery App and You Tube tutorials meant I did a dinner for 18 without breaking sweat”.

“All our notes are sent by email to whatever country we’re in.
It’s so convenient as all that I need to tell them is to run them through a translator. It’s like having our doctor go on holiday with us.”

Ummm PERSEC anyone?

Looking at them they were doing what youngsters do today.
Heads down, chatting away whilst texting, surfing or whatever.

My feeling towards the elderly changed for ever, I’m now firmly convinced that only two (and a half) people in the UK will survive when the world has gone grid down.

pairnoarmMe, SWMBO, and the Dawg

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