The Mechanics of Boom

I’m not going to go into this in-depth. Two reasons.
GCHQ will probably go into meltdown and send the heavies round to “educate me” and secondly it’s not all that pertinent in the UK (yet).

So why mention it?
Boom is a slightly generic term I suppose.
One sort of BOOM is to simply destroy something or someone.
I can think of a few cases where that may be a useful skill.
Your probably thinking the same.

Another sort of BOOM can be used to CUT THROUGH something using a directed force to gain entry. That’s the sort of boom I like.detcordHands up all those who have ever used Det Cord for that?
You’ll know what I’m on about then.

Although there are loads of field manuals and the much desired by kiddies ‘anarchists cookbook’ on the Internet, it’s not as easy as folk think. There again such books may help you decide which type of BOOM you need and how to create that effect using field expedient ingredients and components.

Why is it important to know this stuff?
Survival, what else!
For me it’s simply going to allow me to gain access SAFELY to a number of “places of interest” using destructive entry.

Don’t forget though it doesn’t have to go boom and cutting can be achieved by simple chemical or thermal reaction and in particular I’m thinking of the railway and demolition industry with their use of thermite. No boom but bloody spectacular only very dangerous if you aren’t careful or use it in the wrong location! Not many padlocks can stand up to that heat especially when clouted by a hammer while glowing.

ON the other hand hows about you shattering steels and alloy by simply freezing it?
It’s actually simpler than you think and doesn’t need liquid nitrogen or anything sophisticated. Not quite a Boom is hitting something hard with a hammer BUT in the quiet of the night it can make one heck of a racket.

freezeitLet’s talk about noise.
Whilst I freely acknowledge that most booms are loud, if a mass die off has occurred I’m hardly going to be worried about the neighbors. Additionally some “stuff” is kept away from public eyes in secure warehouses in (funny enough) secure remote locations.

Got to love that word REMOTE haven’t you?

Anyway perhaps you should think along the same lines.
Learning just enough, just in case, but thinking greatly about your personal safety as the mark of bad experience of many a explosives man is he can’t count to ten on his fingers anymore.

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