Dangerous mindsets

Preppers prepare. That’s what they do.
Looking at disaster scenario’s planning, training, and provisioning, for the inevitable storm that everyone knows is coming.

Only what happens when the last shelf is full, the barrels topped off, guns and ammo quietly stacked and waiting?

All you can do is keep on training.
Only not many want to endlessly repeat the same drills and a feeling of lassitude (lethargy, a state of physical or mental weariness) or even stagnation (everything ceases to flow or even move on) often takes over the loner or even the group.

After all no one in their right mind WANTS things to go wrong do they?

Well, DO THEY!?!

Just one itsy-bitsy little thing, one tiny bit of excitement, a little incident, nothing too big, no one hurt, just something to break the boredom,

pleadingP  L   E   A    S     E!

One thing you notice in the forces is once training has been completed there comes a stage where if you are left to your own devices, you move into stagnation and therefore resistant of further training. It’s a constant battle for the boss men to keep your interest up as a result. That’s why they welcome action. It keeps the grunts happy doing something, anything, as long as they are busy!

Back to the humble prepper.
Them listlessly looking at their calendar.
It’s Monday, range day, YeeHa (sort of).
200 rounds later, paper punched to death, same faces, same conversations, and unless a lump of moon rock plummets to Earth wreaking the range it’s all so bloody boring!

So you repaint the shed, re-arrange your killer gnomes, snip the heads off a few flowers, and read the press, web sites, blogs even and sip tea, endless cups of tea.

WOW! Apparently the almighty dollar may collapse in October as China takes over the world [wchildblog.com].

W H  A   T! I’ve got to wait till October before the main event starts!
Have you any idea how many cups of tea I’ll drink before now and then?


Some preppers crack under the strain and start thinking like vultures do on a slow day.

“Sod waiting, let’s go and kill something.”

Now that REALLY is a dangerous mindset!

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4 Responses to Dangerous mindsets

  1. ebolainfo says:

    2008 to 2015, is a long time for the timing to be off. The preppers and doomsayers have a point, they see the problems and dangers ahead but just because the greedy psycho driver has not crashed the bus so far, the risk has not done away.
    As for the mind-set, “Sod waiting, let’s go and kill something.” Is that not a common mindset in spook and alphabet agencies to maintain their funding?

  2. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  3. I don’t think you’re likely to crack under the strain of waiting, more drown in a sea of tea!

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