It’s an air “GUN” stupid

Why is it that some people can’t understand that air guns (like firearms) come in all colors, calibers, and shapes! Yet some do the same job as your firearms can ONLY BETTER!

allairgunsThe only difference is they use a blast of air (gas) to propel the round as opposed to burning gas from a propellant in a firearm.

The three main types are:-

  • Spring powered, manual reload and a work out at the same time.
    Which when triggered throws a steel piston forward up a cylinder thus compressing air in and directing that force to the back of a pellet.
    (Good to about 30 ft lbs)
  • Gas Ram.
    Is like the gas strut that holds up your car trunk on a hatch back. Only WAY MORE POWERFUL. It too flies up a cylinder compressing air and directing that force to the back of a pellet. Only a lot faster giving a harsher yet more powerful action than a conventional spring.
    (Good to about 45 ft lbs but a bitch to control at this level)
  • CO2, carbon dioxide mini cylinders containing high pressure gas
    which is pulsed out by a hammer and valve onto the base of the air pellet.
    (Good for nothing in my books typically maxing out at 12 ft lbs).
    Some of theseboyztoyz doing other “slick” things like making the top slide recoil “just like the real thing”. Yawn.yawn
  • PCP, precharged pneumatics. Come in three types.
    (Good to 250 ft lbs)

    1. You charge an integral or swappable cylinder with high pressure air to act as a reservoir which is again pulsed by a hammer which operates a valve onto the base of the air pellet.
    2. The weapon is fitted with a manual pump lever to pressurize a small “tank” which gives up all its pressure in one go when pulsed by a hammer which operates a valve onto the base of the air pellet.
    3. The weapon uses a single stroke integral pump to pressurize just enough air for a single shot. Usually found on target weapons and generates a VERY low but precision amount of air when pulsed by a hammer which operates a valve onto the base of the air pellet.

All have their advantages AND DISADVANTAGES for the prepper / survivalist but essentially all they are is a basic “gun” for chucking lead at a target. But what do they chuck?


From tiny shot to Ooh sexy, 50 Cal!

Yet all most of you firearm lovers can think about your 5.56 NATO and the AR whatever.
Pah, sissies.
Air weapons are generally quieter, accurate, lighter, and seeing as though the average police sniper distance was 51 yards range doesn’t look like it’s going to be much of a factor for you!
Of all the sniper shots, 95% took place between zero and 100 yards. The rest were equally divided between the 100 to 150 yard bracket and the 150 to 250 yard bracket. [Link]

Some of the more powerful air weapons are ideal for this type of work. Or is Armageddon in the US going to be boxes and boxes of ammo on a daily basis?

Hey, guess what, air gun ammo is cheaper too.

I’m not knocking the need for firearms really but when you want to shoot quiet and save your precious cartridges for things that matter, why aren’t you adding a decent air weapon to your arsenal. After all why let the world know you’re hunting for supper every time you squeeze that trigger?

Did I happen to mention you REALLY DO NEED TO KNOW HOW TO SHOOT when using a powerful spring or gas ram weapon? There again is “spray and pray for a hit” the norm for firearm owners with magazine fed weapons nowadays?

spentammoProbably no need to think about  “one shot one kill” then.


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    It’s how I started shooting as a kid. Made it a lot easier when I went into the Army.

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