Hurry it’s coming.

Let Me See.


  • The USD to due to be annihilated by BRICS and the Yuan later this year. That’ll probably take out the Euro and explains the rush of the US to get the TTIP up and running.
  • As for the TTP for Pacific nations excluding China.
    That’s being rushed through too. Only why?
  • The Ukraine and NATO are still thinking they can beat Russia.


  • That idiot Breedlove is still practicing his scowl on a daily basis.
  • France (Hollande) tries to back out on that ship deal with Russia only they aren’t letting them off the hook.
  • Didn’t I read something about Saudi buying nukes?
  • China have just told the US to back off or face the consequences.
  • ISS, and the other terrorist organizations are growing and seemingly unstoppable.
  • Islam and the Muslims are taking over the world by using the law, their law, or force, if all else fails.
  • In the US, Jade Helm or whatever is todays twist on a theme is preparing to attack everyone.
  • The US police are now better equipped than the military but without the restraint and training the average grunt has.
  • All the US government TLA’s (three-letter abbreviations) have enough small arms ammo and weapons to take on everyone in the world, probably twice over.
  • As for Baltimore? Memorial Day, 27 shot?
    In Chicago 12 are killed and at least 43, including a 4 yr old girl — were wounded in shootings.
    What kind of animals do that?
  • In the UK our “no cojones” prime minster has given up on scrapping the Human rights Act because someone spoke “harshly” to him.
  • The UK armed forces number less than the number of shoppers at Macy’s on Christmas Eve.
  • The only bank growth area in the UK is food banks.
  • All the worlds banks are clamoring to get rid of physical money. Negative interest rates worldwide are becoming the norm.
  • I’d mention Greece only what’s the point?
    They have cried “Wolf” too many times.

There’s going to be more, a lot more, but what I’ve listed would be enough for most to think on. It’s one big shit storm in the making and still people are going about their sheeple like lives ignoring the world is building up to WW3.

For those who might be considering prepping.
These Crisis aren’t going away,
Stabilizing, or even reducing so

Or do some of you still think the world is a safer place
than it was yesterday?

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