Isn’t it Cruel?

An Anti everything person spoke to me as we were loading a nights shooting and trapping into the sign written pest control van together with our nets, traps, and guns.

Isn’t it cruel what you do?
What, pest control,  hunting, or both?
No, shooting anything.
Why do you ask?
Don’t you feel bad?
About what?
Shooting something.
I could never do that.

Do you eat meat or fish?
Yes I do
Someone kills them too.
But that’s different
It just is.

There was more. The same old tired comments and arguments.
Culminating in “what you do is cruel and immoral”.
I smiled at “Do you feel no shame?”
My friend wrapped it up.
“Steaks when we get home?”
“And coffee to wash it down with”, says I.

She left as we laughed.

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