To bug out from in

Hands up!
All those who would grab their backpacks aka BOB’s, GOOD or INCH bags and run for the door only to stop, look back, and think “all that prepping and all I can take is one lousy bag”.


From mooring to “on the river” takes us 5 minutes with everything we own, supplies, water supply, everything!
5 minutes later we are in the countryside, no cars, no traffic jams, and none but the bravest would swim out to us as even if they did once the safety ladder and fenders are pulled up, you aint getting on.

sailoffSort of puts a new dimension on bugging out doesn’t it?
We leave nothing but the fond memory of us being there in less time than it takes our little kettle to boil enough water for 2 cups of tea.

And your plans to avoid
the traffic jams are?


Could a boat be the ultimate BUG OUT VEHICLE?

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