A UN advisor speaks

A senior United Nations representative warned yesterday that Britain would be going down the path of Nazi Germany if it withdrew from the European Convention on Human Rights.

‘Countries that go down the path of reducing the rights of one category of people usually don’t stop there’

Prof Crépeau.
You’re way too late.
The rights of many categories of people have already been reduced in Britain. I speak of the poor, permanently sick and disabled, the young, the old, and single parents.

All have been publicly slated and marginalized in the media with no attempt to stop that abuse from the government.

They can find themselves relentlessly bullied by the social services. Wait listed for treatment, and have financial support withdrawn on a whim to suit a government target. Why do you think there has been a massive increase in the use of food banks? Why are so many homeless? Why are we in the top rankings for EU child poverty with 3.3 million rising to 3.9 million children in poverty 2015-16 and a forecast of 4.2 million by 2020. [Link] Still, not a concern of the UK Tory government is it.

We are not even talking about economic migrants or immigrants here we are talking about the indigenous British, born and bred.

NAZI types are already in charge of Britain right now and are easily identifiable by their blue ties and answering to the political party name of Conservative or Tory.

They have but one God, M O N E Y.
A soul-less, uncaring, vindictive, nasty party whose hatred of the little people is only surpassed by their love of money.

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  1. equippedcat says:

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t do, teach. Those that can’t teach go into politics, and those who can’t even do that, consult for the UN…

  2. Brittius says:

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