Hacksaw 1 Air gun Ruined

It goes like this.
The end-user wanted to cut down a 12 ft lb air rifle for ratting in a barn fitting a folding stock and 8 inch barrel.

Stop laughing! I did (eventually).
Anyway it looked something like this.ratter

Problem sheet:-

  1. 8″ barrel was too hard to cock.
    Resolved by sliding a piece of pipe over the end when reloading.
  2. The recoil was impossible to control.
    Unable to resolve, balance gone, front stock heavy.
  3. Noisy.
    Recommended fitting a silencer (moderator) but that apparently defeated the purpose of the short barrel.
  4. Inaccurate over 20 feet!
    A beautiful 20 inch Lothar Walther barrel had been hacksawed, and although re-crowned beautifully on the end-user’s lathe, he had forgotten about:
    »The choke in the barrel (vital for accuracy)
    »The excess compressed air flipping the pellet on exit
    Which could have been cured by fitting an air stripper or even a good quality moderator BUT would have stopped the use of the pipe extension for loading.
    »The now totally imbalanced gun which in a spring air rifle
    is like cutting one half off a tuning fork thus it don’t “ring nice”.
  5. Lastly the recoil was bruising the cheek as it was so fierce.
    Recommended he place rifle in a dumpster and forget about it.

For some reason the end user never came back.
Think it was something I said?

The moral of the story?
Don’t hack a perfectly good weapon around when you haven’t a clue of what you are doing.
AND he could have simply spent a few quid and bought the ideal short-range ratter:-

Amateurs? Who’d have them.

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