Chemical Crowd Control

A re-write of an article I did back in 2013 on Riot Gases.
Sooner or later things will get out of hand in Londonstan and other UK cities and the police will be “forced” to use a bit of chemical to disperse the masses.

Before I start, you should be thinking about your health.
If you are asthmatic or have any other respiratory or heart type problem, make sure everyone knows as you may need immediate medical assistance.

Better still, don’t get involved.

Officially the two agents that are available to the goon squad (police)  are CS Gas and PAVA pepper spray.

What is CS spray or gas.
CS is an incapacitant that causes intense watering of the eyes and makes you want to keep them tightly shut. It causes a “burning” irritation of the nose, mouth and throat causing profuse coughing, mucous nasal discharge, disorientation, and difficulty breathing.

What is PAVA. aka Captor 1 or 2
It’s a synthetic capsaicinoid
(A chemical equivalent of chili pepper juice).
PAVA 1 is dissolved in ethanol (aka grain alcohol) so is flammable.
PAVA 2 is not flammable.
This puppy comes at you as a liquid spray.
It is only effective if it hits the eyes when it causes closure and severe pain.

Neutralizers / First Aid / PPE

CAUTION:- Dangerous Advice.
I am not a medical professional. You should confirm from an independent source the accuracy of the suggested treatment and neutralizers.

Keep sprays out of your eyes.
Tight fitting goggles are best. These do mist up in heat so do the divers trick of spitting in them and coating the inside to stop fogging.

Cover up.
Even a simple waterproof coat will keep the juice off your inner layers and skin. Only remember your neck, a common “seepage” point for fluids. Scarfs are useful although they will “soak up” liquids.

Face masks. This is difficult.
Unless you want to wear a canister type respirator which can stop gaseous vapors and  CS /OC chemicals, (Proper CS cartridges have a layer of activated charcoal inside the p100 layer to absorb the gas), some have tried wet scarfs round their faces with a weak solution of sodium metabisulphate which is sold as Campden tablets used in home brewing.
Note, This has to be less than 1 day old to be effective. This neutralizes the effects of CS BUT NOT PAVA / OC sprays.
Only water will do that.

CS Gas will disperse off clothes (and you) given enough ventilation.
If you can take a COOL shower (not hot as it opens the pores).

Note that PAVA is different.
It stays on clothing and water just reactivates it.
So when washing contaminated clothing, wash it on its own in soap and water (Definitely not with your underclothes) wearing waterproof gloves / PPE if washing by hand.


  • CS Gas is fat soluble so don’t coat your skin in petroleum jelly.
  • When sprayed do not treat the area with any cream, jelly or ointment.
  • NEVER break blisters with CS or PAVA.
  • Liquid propellants (nitrogen) and dispersal agents (methyl isobutyl ketone or aqueous ethanol) may induce chemical burns.

If you still fill bad after decontamination,
seek medical advice.

 PAVA aka Captor is truly evil stuff.
Soaked into your clothing it will stay active way after the event.
Simply adding water to contaminated material it will reactivate it.
You must keep it out of your eyes and don’t ingest or inhale it.

Immediate Actions
Wait for at least 15 minutes before washing the eyes with water.
Use water before this time and it will reactivate the “juice”.
After than use loads of COOL, not warm / hot, water to rinse the particles away off your skin.
Contact lenses should be removed as soon as possible.
Semi permeable types should be discarded as they are basically FUBAR when contaminated with PAVA.

All contaminated clothing must be plastic bagged until it can be washed (typically twice).

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  1. Brittius says:

    Works wonders, when a criminal refuses to comply and exit the vehicle. Less than a handful rolled up the windows and had doors locked. Pound the windows out? Perhaps, but give the scuttle ventline a decent squirt of mace chemical agent and if it has lungs, it will be exiting, and complying. Car must be towed away with windows open.

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