Improved antibiotics (not)

Went to the doctor and got prescribed a course of amoxicillin.
One of the penicillin group of drugs, a sort of broad spectrum bug killer.

No big thing, had that sort of thing many times over the years only this time the horse pill included an additive to “make sure it works”. Something called Clavulanic Acid.

It took only 2 hours before I started to throw up and develop the migraine type headache from hell!

Jeez, talk about not nice!
I must have drunk a couple of liters of water to combat the thirst.

I’ve always kept a record of what I’ve been prescribed (and for what) using a sort of “just in case reasoning” that would allow me to self prescribe in difficult times. Only this puppy wasn’t on the list and thus new to me.

You know I keep on about “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”, I am now wondering if all modern antibiotics been upgraded to include this acid stuff? If they have, it looks like I’m going to be in serious trouble.

This morning I’ll be back down the doctors for a different prescription (script) for a more BASIC formula of anti bug pill.

More expense, lost time, and I’ve still got this darn headache!

Sort of makes me wonder why I didn’t go to a veterinary in the first place or used a fish antibiotic! It would have been cheaper too!

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3 Responses to Improved antibiotics (not)

  1. Brittius says:

    For some reason, raw salmon stops my headaches almost immediately.
    Bug killer in general, I use 190-Proof Everclear (Moonshine), which can give greater headaches if not careful, so I pour some into my coffee. Soup to gets it moving out of the system.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    That combination is sold in the U.S. as Clavamox when used for animals,and Augmentin when used for humans.
    I’ve had it several times,and never had a reaction,other than being a little thirsty.
    Seems many antibiotics are like that,some people get horrible reactions,others are fine when taking them.

    • Problem is with my experience to “development” for the sake of it.

      Take a simple antibiotic and in this case that’s amoxicillin.
      Worked for me with no problem over the years.
      Now updated / improved / or whatever. I react to it.
      Health benefit to me ZERO!

      Now taking Cipro.
      No frills, not improvements, same old stuff, no adverse reaction.
      Health benefit to me 100%!

      It’s like everything in this world, improve something and it goes wrong.
      When are people going to realize that we aren’t all the same and learn to follow the simple thought process of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

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