Self Defense Musings

Too old to care about any consequences of my actions but too stupid not to fight.
That sort of sums up my feelings about self-defense.

Only why am I thinking like that?
I’ve been browsing the macho survivalist / prepper / patriot sites again and that’s never a good thing. Reading the philosophy, looking at the hand to hand CQB training videos and thinking “I’m too old for all that now”.

Truth be told my chances against some young, fit, muscle-bound buck are slim when it comes to CQB in a fair fight yet I won’t be going out quietly or even fighting a fair fight given half a chance.

What is apparent in a lot of the CQB training is the lack of the basic philosophy of “Never go into a fight unarmed”.

Now that I can’t understand at all!

For example,
Take me looking like a target,
Little Old Man that I am.


Odds are in your favor as I’m not even remotely nimble now

  • See them two sticks? Them VERY heavy sticks.
    Done the course, kept up the practice, and only too happy to smash your legs from under you.
    I still practice my bayonet drills with them too.
  • See them shoes?
    Except they aint, they’re working boots, steel capped.
    Those will probably go into your shin and then your groin if I’m not otherwise engaged stomping on your head.
  • But there is another thing you have to worry about.
    bootknifeWhere that one comes from will remain a mystery to you as you lay bleeding.

No gun!
Shucks, but the UK government don’t like it when their population are armed. Only do you think I’m going to be intimidated by one? Heck I’d be more scared of someone carrying a syringe full of blood than a hand gun. What I need you to do is come close enough, me being all “weak and feeble” like.

That does fly in the face of an article entitled Distance is King but hey, the sticks are only a meter long.

Yet all I see on video is CQB as open hand combat, interesting blows, slick blocks, and rapid complicated attack moves.

pandaattackAs my DI said to me lying on my back gasping for breath,
“Very pretty son but here we teach you to fight.”

Still try that particular Kung Fooie kick on me and my stick will be cleaning your teeth from the long route!bayonetstrike p.s. No panda’s were hurt during the making of this article.

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