When too calm is bad

Some ex-spurt opinion says that a little bit of stress in your life is a good thing. You know they could actually be right for once as “light stress” can kick in a number of your bodies genetically programmed self-defense mechanisms i.e.

    • Your body’s fight-or-flight response kicks in so:-
      Respiration and your heart beat increases and as your digestive system shuts down, all that rich oxygenated blood goes into your muscles.
    • Your pain threshold rises too.
    • Your pupils dilate to help you see in the dark and your eyesight sharpens.
    • It pre-arms your immune system as your body prepares itself for injury.
    • Your brain speeds up as does your memory access, and you will learn things quicker.

Most of your senses go into overdrive, hearing, smell, taste, and not forgetting your 6th sense (ESP).

So stress (in moderation) is good!

It would appear so only what happens if you have no stress in your life?

enlightenedNice eh?

Only the NEGATIVE side is none of the good bits are up and running.
They will though, GIVEN TIME.
Only how do you survive until they do?

What usually happens to people who are “floating in Utopia” or doing what sheeple do best i.e. being totally unaware of everything around them and Something MAJOR Happens?

toomanymindsOr, to put it another way, most people go into mind lock, unable to move, or simply into a state of blind panic.

So what can you do about that?
I suppose it’s all about training for the unexpected. A level of training that makes you react first, think later. For example, a conditioned reflex to situations beyond your comprehension and a favored reaction of most is probably:-

opencoverTell me, does anyone not
drawing a pension remember

Being preppers for the most part we SHOULD be situationally and hazard aware all the time. Yeah, right.

In a city as a matter of course? Probably.
Living alone, in an isolated environment where the most dangerous thing you will ever encounter is a mouse trying to nick your bread? Probably not.

So how can you induce “a little bit of stress” to keep you on your toes?
An interesting question for you to solve.

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2 Responses to When too calm is bad

  1. equippedcat says:

    There is probably a fine line. There is at least one ex-purt who claims stress is the root cause of 85% of all illness. The down side of stress, is production of some chemical which it is claimed encourages bacterias, cancers and degeneration.

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