A Sad Senior

“Can you do something about my TV” said our elderly friend.
“I can only pick up a few channels.”

Only those channels were crystal clear so it wasn’t an aerial problem.
So I ran the menu, setup, and auto-tune.
Within 5 minutes everything was working a treat.

Only the elderly lady was both confused and anxious at getting her TV back working. Confused because why had it gone “off tune” and anxious in case it happened again.

It’s very difficult to explain in non technical terms that for some stupid reason the government kept on changing the channels round.
I wanted to say,  “It’s because if something is working the government go all out to break it”, but the worried look got me saying “engineering improvements”.

“So what do I do if it goes wrong again?”
Ever tried to explain to someone who is obviously tech-phobic how to use a menu system, select options, and let something you are obviously terrified about sort itself out?
“Oh dear, I’ll never be able to do that”.

Then she said a lovely thing.
“I’m afraid I was born too early to understand modern things”.
Only it was said very carefully with great sadness,

I countered that by saying “The modern world just happened dear, and everyone except 8-year-old kids are still trying to catch up,”

I got a nervous smile and a polite thank you.

Only I think I’m right in an obtuse way. Right on two counts.
Firstly things are changed for no reason with little regard for the tech-phobic and especially the elderly.
Secondly. all this technology is harmful because it has left most of our seniors largely confused, worried, mystified, and at a loss of how to cope with it all.

The problem being no one seems to want to help them.
Why is that?

Flash news UK government, in the UK there are approximately:-

3 million people 80 and over. (Born 1935 or before)
Nearly all of them aren’t anyway computer savvy and still work in pounds, shillings, and pence.
11.5 million over 65 -80. (Born between 1950 to 1935)
A few of them will use computers on a strictly “user level” without fully understanding what is going on.
4.9 Million over 60-65 Born between 1955 to 1950)
It gets a little better around here, but only just.

Bottom line?
The headlong rush for everything to be “computerized and super technical” is generating a climate of fear among the elderly some of whom can’t understand, or are embarrassed to ask for help, or in some cases will not even try to understand knowing they can’t possibly comprehend the complexities of modern technology.

Only in all cases the world is doing them a massive injustice.
It’s also causing them pain.
Fill out a form on-line becomes “how, I don’t own a computer?”
Only if they don’t, the evil of modern-day high tech digital government means they lose out on everything from welfare to health care.
It’s just not right.
A 24/7 “We don’t give a toss about anyone” world..

There was a song written and sung by Sandi Thom called:-
I wish I was a punk rocker.

A key line for me that sums up the modern world for the elderly.

“I was born too late in a world that doesn’t care.”





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