Automatic World

The stock market crashed.
Where? Everywhere!
Only why?

China did something no one liked and everything reacted at light speed via computers that started selling everything they could to save a few dollars.

The natural pause in life has gone.
Technology ruled and it took technology to stop the headlong rush into destruction i.e. trading was automatically suspended.

A symptom of our age, we live a 24/7 computer run life but only because we let them.

Logically that technology will affect our future.
Just consider that technology could launch WW3 in a Skynet fashion simply because it can. Only what if those computers had suffered an electronic brain fart and launched by mistake?

What, you think there aren’t systems set up to launch automatically within a certain set of parameters? How naive can you possibly be.

On the other side, diplomacy used to work slowly.
There again there were some really intelligent people in power in the past BUT the secret of their success in my humble opinion wasn’t their intellect or power of persuasion, it was the slowness of communication that INSERTED that all important natural pause.

PEOPLE also actually thought about problems and not some crappy microchip running a program full of preset values. Nowadays, they hold video conferencing and take decisions on the fly. No natural pauses are permissible. No we’ll call you back after we’ve thought about it, its Now, NOw, NOW, with everything.

Some would argue that speed is everything, especially in early warning systems. OK, I can see that. Only how are you going to disseminate all that early warning to the people who are going to be bombed, gassed, or infected?

In the UK that will be the job of the BBC AFTER it has been given the “go ahead” by the politicians. Now comes the other end of the stick. Technology could save lives but will be stalled by political posturing. Probably whilst they scramble into cover first.

If you think about it, the bad guys of today, which the Western world would have you believe is the Russians, North Koreans, and China, may chuck an ICBM at you.

It goes up, it comes down.
Ballistically it still takes the same time for it to go pop as it would have in the 1950’s.

The only difference between then and now is by the time it has cleared the silos the good guys computers have not only worked out what it is and where it is going, they probably have turned on the heaters on the retaliation package. Mark my words, Technology will kill us all!

Yet back I go to the stock market.
What’s going to kill us first, war or the collapse of the financial world?

Recent events have shown that the world is more concerned about MONEY and to that end us ‘little people’ will have to cope with the reaction of the money to events.

Prices will rise, and fall, and savings i.e. your retirement packages may disappear in microseconds due to some goat herder stubbing his toe.

How so?
Some financial computers may declare it a world disaster in goat-herd management that may affect the production of this years goat cheese. OMG, everyone sells goat herder stocks immediately.

Only everyone is well twitchy in the stock market world today so they will start selling off everything just in case this small incident affects global issues in related fields. Trillions get swiped off stock, and solid blue chip shares take a dive.

Stupid example? Probably but that’s how insane it’s all getting.

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  1. Brittius says:

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    How true. Before computer, there was analog. In fact, I recall a television program that the USS Missouri, has complete analog firing mechanisms and controls for the turrent guns. Built in 1936. Once personnel are trained in analog, the weapons are as accurate as computer guided and controlled systems in comparison. I had spoken to U-boat commanders, one taught me briefly how they would fire torpedos (a video game today has the full how-to), and it was interesting to learn that candidates for u-boat commands, were selected partly, based upon their mathematic skills performed in their heads and, they had to achieve the correct answers in equal time or faster than, the analog calculators. That astounded me. So, calculating tasks of computers today, were once handled by analog calculators. Prior to that, human intelligence and brainpower. That means, human skills, have dulled. People no longer have the ability to think nor process facts. Few think, the rest, are thinking impaired. Look at current events all over the globe. It all makes sense. Think about it.

  2. shtfprepper says:

    Hakuna matata… tis the unfortunate and unstoppable circle of life in analog and now digital. *SIGH*

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