Why carry basic PPE?

PPE? Personal Protection Equipment

This was in our news today.
‘Dust lady’ of 9/11 Marcy Borders dies of stomach cancer at 42

dustladyThis picture was snapped in the lobby of World Trade Center.
She was covered from head to foot with debris and dust probably having inhaled and probably ingested all kinds of airborne particles.

Now I’ve no guarantee that PPE would have saved her but what am I talking about here, what could she have kept about herself JUST IN CASE?

ppe1Total weight? 3 oz at the most and it helps to protect the most vulnerable parts of the body from airborne particles and some chemicals.

  1. The Fold Flat Mask (level 3) protects the lungs and stops you ingesting debris.
  2. Goggles helps stop debris and chemicals landing on your sensitive wet eyeballs.
  3. Foam ear plugs keep the noise down and keeps debris out of your ear canals.
  4. Nitrile gloves (better than latex IMO) to stop you coming into contact with toxic material.

Total UK cost? £5-7 a person.
Nuff said.

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12 Responses to Why carry basic PPE?

  1. equippedcat says:

    I carry the gloves and earplugs every day. Not the mask, but I do carry a large bandanna which is not as good as the mask, but better than nothing. No goggles though. It is not about the price or the weight, it is the “bulkiness” and durability of the object to be carried.. I’ve got masks which are pretty flat, but over time I suspect they would be torn, wrinkled and/or dampened by normal everyday pocket wear. Come to think of it, I do carry a couple of surgical masks from the last time I visited someone in the hospital, which might be even better than the bandanna, if they survive the pocket. Thank goodness for Scottevest and all their pockets..

    • It’s the simple things in life that can save you. Our kits live in the car and home first aid kits although when I’m traveling they migrate to one of my pockets in a neat little pouch.

  2. shtfprepper says:

    2 kits in the car, 4 kits at home. I have a few extra bits & pieces like a Tyvek suit and forearm length industrial gloves. No noticeable weight.

  3. Another great post that is helpful and beneficial for anyone.

  4. Thanks for a great suggestion. Easy, cheap, and doable.

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